50% off your first purchase of up to £100 on Amazon Business + Extra Savings if you are quick.

Massive bargain.. £20 for a tablet, fire stick and a dvd explained..

Here is a clever little Amazon Glitch that can blag you a Fire Stick, Tablet and a dvd for £20 but you need to be quick to get it.

New Amazon Business accounts will be sent a voucher within 3 days of signing up to get 50% off their first purchase up to £100. (So spend £100 and get £50 off!). Signup for an Amazon Business account. You will need a business but it can be anything sensible.. We signed up as a website and got accepted. Signup here.

When your signed up you will need a free prime trial for the business account (cancel within a few days) then add a tablet and a fire stick from this link to the basket and a dvd up to £10.

You will recieve an email like the one below with a code that will give you a 50% discount. The tablet and the fire stick have £15 off each so both discounts go through meaning you have £100 worth of goods for £20. Booooom!

Got Questions? Ask below and we'll help if we can! Good Luck!

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