Babicka Wormwood Vodka

We love trying out new and unusual products here at Girlie Gossip and recently we were sent a bottle of Babicka vodka to taste. Keep reading for more information on the brand and our thoughts!

A wonderfully weird but utterly delicious vodka that is based on a 500 year old Czech witches’ brew. A unique, secret blend of herb and wormwood infused premium vodka, Babicka offers a completely different drinking experience for the adventurously inclined spirit drinker. Unctuous and creamy in the mouth with subtle notes of vanilla, caramel, aniseed and citrus. Rich and mouthfilling, Babicka is equally as rewarding as an aperitif or as a stylish base for a cocktail. A delicious and daring release that is worth investigating.

The Babicka bottle is sleek, attractive and reminiscent of medicine bottles of old. It has a wooden stopper and simplistic black handwriting on white labelling. Everything about it screams quality and trust us, the taste is just as impressive!

It is light, creamy and doesn’t have that unpleasant ‘burn’ that cheaper vodkas have. If you are looking for a quality, luxurious vodka then get Babicka EVERY time.

The price tag is the sticking point that may stop some people trying it. At £35 a bottle (you can get it cheaper if you look around) it is not going to be your everyday tipple, but in our opinion perfect for setting aside for special occasions or when you really want to impress.

Tried Babicka vodka yourself? Let us know your thoughts!

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