Brown & Harris Christmas Gifting


Introducing a beautiful new heritage collection of quintessentially vintage-style English toiletries and home fragrances from Brown & Harris. Created by life-long friends who happened upon a collection of poetry communicating the beauty of flowers which inspired this mouth watering multi-sensory experience of scent, sight and sound. Lie in a bed of rose petals strewn across dewy grass with English Rose, dream of bright summer days with Lavender and walk through a fresh forest amid Lily of the Valley.

Firstly, awaken your sense of smell with three delightful signature floral fragrances inspired by the blooms, petals and fragrance of traditional English-garden flowers, injected with a dose of modernity. Each fragrance with its own top note – English Rose washed over by a delicate sprinkling of vanilla bean creates a warm, sensuous fragrance. Lavender, indulged with a hint of Cabbage Rose, gives it velvety warmth to enhance the tantalizing floral top notes.  Next, Lily of the Valley, with powdery tones produces a soft, delicious scent as fresh as the first day of spring. Each aroma is custom-blended by an individual Perfumer to ensure every one conveys its different personality.


Next, arouse the sense of sight with the beautiful vintage bottles encapsulating this shabby-chic bespoke brand – with handcrafted illustrations inspired by historical botanical paintings, enhanced by a flourish of modernity. Finally take delight in the sensation of sound with elegant poetry taken from English classics Keats, Wordsworth and Blake glorifying the splendour of the flowers, creating memories and stirring emotions.
This unique brand, with its ageless appeal is made up of a sophisticated range of bath and body products, including lavish bath foam essences, buttery body lotions, silky shower creams, delicate but effective hand washes and beautifully handcrafted, triple milled quality English soaps. In accompaniment – a delicious cocktail of home fragrance products including refreshing room fragrances, comforting linen water and perfumed drawer liners to bring the distinct Brown & Harris luxury into all aspects of your home…

Brown & Harris is available from Harrods, and

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