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We’ve all looked at celebrity couples and thought – Argh! What is she doing with him?! (Or vice versa) This judgement may be based on many things – looks, personality, body language, but what about fashion compatibility? Girliegossip takes a look at the couples who are clearly a match made in fashion heaven, those who didn’t quite make it and suggests a couple of predictions for hot fashion unions in 2009!


Bright Young Things – Alexa Chung and Alex Turner

That Alexa Chung has got a lot to answer for, not only has she made us quake with fear wondering if, with legs so skinny, she might one day lean too far sideways and snap off at the ankle; she has also taken quirky geek chic and made it mainstream. Suddenly every Librarian with borderline OCD is being out-ed as style icon by Vogue.  Those of us who have been fine-tuning this look for years, can only bow down to this unique Zen master of trend-setting.  However, it is clear that a proportion of Miss  Chung’s style mojo  is derived from her relationship with Arctic Monkey’s front-man Alex Turner. Whilst looking great on her own, as a package the pair elevate themselves to the status of fashion deities.

Alex and Alexa’s fashion union works because both of their individual style’s blend well together – in fact on many occasions they like to do dress in a kind of “his and hers” manner. Take the photo above – they are both formally dressed in black, and in fact, the whole image almost looks too simple, if Alexa weren’t accessorising with cute-yet-random suede handbag. They just look so relaxed and happy it’s hard not to be envious. Perhaps it’s the “his and hers” giant grins that cement their persona as an oh-so-glowing celeb couple. Jealous? Me?! Yeah just a bit…

Cool and Established –Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Ashton and Demi are the king and queen of co-ordination. They are so truly trusting and committed to each other that they will even support each other’s bad fashion choices (see Photo 1). When they do get it right it’s because neither one is trying to outshine the other. They just seem to accent how comfortable they are together with what they wear.  Unlike many angst-ridden not-quite-A-List celebrities, Ashton and Demi have never seemed too concerned about dominating Hollywood. They get regular work but neither of them is chomping at the bit for any high profile roles, which may be why they seem so care-free and loved up. They are grateful to have each other and be comfortable, who can argue with that?

Get Out of My Face! -Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Ok, so they do make a good couple, but in a sickly sweet, pass-the-bucket kind of way, which I don’t think is quite the look they were going for.  Everyone likes to see a couple genuinely happy but not when it’s constantly being shoved in our faces. If you haven’t seen that episode of Oprah, you might not know what I’m talking about – so check it out on YouTube and then try and tell me that Tom Cruise doesn’t go that little bit too far with his amorous ranting.

In the first picture above you can see that, although they do scrub up well, there’s nothing particularly charming or memorable about their outfits. In fact, as glamorous as they look, I just find the whole thing dull. I’m not sure which one of the couple annoys me more – Tom Cruise for being so annoyingly short or Katie Holmes for dressing like she’s in her forties. Bo-ring.


Beauty and the Beast – Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans

Let’s face it, Sienna Miller is so pretty, it’s frustrating. With those big baby blues and that freckled button nose, it’s no wonder she has her pick of the A List men. Which begs the question, why would she have wanted to get with Welsh lanky grease monkey Rhys Ifans? I think perhaps she might still be asking herself that question, shaking her head with disbelief and thanking the heavens that she wised up and is now safely wrapped in the arms of Balthazar Getty.

I can see the attraction, in a way;  he’s tall, successful and funny but he seems pathologically incapable of looking, well…clean. Take his appearance in Photo 1 for example; I’m not sure whether it’s his lank, unwashed locks, his face like sandpaper, that ghastly bandana headband or a combination of all three but why poor Sienna is kissing him rather than shoving him into the nearest shower cubicle I’ll never know.

In the second photo it’s clear that poor Rhys has tried to make himself look vaguely dapper but somehow he can’t quite pull it off. I don’t know what he washes his hair with, or if he just has a terrible sweat problem but he doesn’t exactly have the glossy mane you’d want to run your fingers through, does he? He can’t even do up his shirt properly, or this could simply be a last-ditch attempt to get Sienna to swoon. Clearly it failed miserably, poor bloke.

Vince Vaughan and Jennifer Aniston

Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted this pairing to be a success; I’ve been a Team Jennifer girl right from the word adultery, not to mention the fact that Vince is my idea of the perfect man.  On paper it makes sense, both are smart, successful and quick-witted, so why didn’t it work?  Well maybe one of the clues is in this expressionless picture of the couple. They fail to look calm or sexy, both individually and as a couple. Overall, they just look awkward.

Fashion wise, both tend to play it safe.  In the eyes of most people Vince makes a poor replacement for Brad Pitt (not me though Vince!) and whilst Jen was happy to shine with Brad on her arm, with Vince she tended to look more casual and muted. Jen has always favoured classic looks and has never been particularly “out there” with her style choices but for a girl who has such a sparkle about her, sadly she seemed to lose her glow with Mr Vaughan.  She is soon to turn 40 and find herself single again, having recently split with John Mayer. Let’s hope 2009 is the year when Jen finds her Mr Right.

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Madonna and Guy

Last year, Madonna was putting fifty year old women everywhere to shame; first of all with her “underwear is the new outerwear” obsession, coupled with a vicious attempt to launch herself back into the public eye with just a pelvic thrust in the right direction. In short, we all know her as the eternal attention seeker; Guy Ritchie, on the other hand, prefers to let others bask centre-stage as he takes control behind the camera.

With his penchant for camouflaged hunting attire, Guy has always projected a need to blend in, to make himself invisible. Whilst Madge seemed envious of his English heritage, and tried desperately to cultivate a Brit-lilt, fashion-wise it was always destined to fail miserably.

In the photo above, taken near the end of their relationship, the tension is palpable, not just in their expression but in the way they have dressed for the evening. Guy’s messy beard, even when coupled with his tux, shows he really doesn’t care what he looks like. Madonna, in stark contrast, is rigidly polished and preened. There was a time, in the early days of Madge and Guy where she dressed down, and seemed relaxed and happy. Apparently this was short lived, and Madonna’s quest for fame, fortune and fashion notoriety continues. Without Guy.


Lady Gaga and Andre 3000 from Outkast

She takes her inspiration from strippers and transvestites and he takes it from equestrians and golfers – a match made in heaven, no? But could this outlandish pairing really work? I think so. They both slearly love the attention of celebrity and aren’t afraid to be the innovators in their field. Music and fashion have been waiting for a shake-up like this since Gwen Stefani started popping out babies left, right and centre.

Can you imagine if they set up a fashion label together? It would be so extremely insane; it would simply have to look fabulous! Riding hats and PVC boots perhaps? Rhinestone jodhpurs and hair bows even? What a winning combo, if they don’t start dating this year, they should!

Courtney Love and Mickey Rourke

You can just imagine the headlines: “When car crash couture gets really messy”. Hmmm maybe not…

Article By Sally McIlhone

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