Christmas and Secret Santa Gifts From LUSH!

Lush fresh, natural, handmade cosmetics have Christmas all wrapped up this year with its range of seasonal stocking fillers, mid-range gifts and luxurious hatboxes.  There’s something for everyone and for every budget.  All are lovingly wrapped with 100% recycled paper and the majority are tied prettily with recycled paper ribbons. They’re even filled with compostable popcorn, instead of shredded paper… This has many environmental benefits, mainly that it’s a ‘clean’ filler, which means we don’t have to wrap each individual product in plastic bags, we can pack them naked (where appropriate), resulting in the saving of 4.6 million plastic bags annually.

THE STOCKING FILLERS priced £5.00 – £7.50:

SECRET SANTA (£5.00) … the ideal secret Santa gift for friends, work colleagues and generally anyone you know, contains a cute Chocolate Santa bath ballistic (small version), that’s shaped like Santa and smells like chocolate and vanilla, and a 100g piece of Lush’s best-selling Honey I Washed the Kids soap.  All wrapped up and ready to give … it’s so lovely you may not want to keep your identity a secret!

HAPPY SHOWER (£6.50) … a shower gift to leave you in high spirits this festive season.  Containing a slab of Gold, Frankincense and Beer shower jelly; a stout, cinnamon and clove bud shower to warm the cockles on cold winter days; and a Too Drunk … emotibomb for the morning after the night before.  Peppermint, marigold, fennel and sweet orange will revive a sore head and will wake you up gently.

FROSTY THE SNOWMAN (£6.95) … this gift contains Lush’s new bubble bar, Frothy the Snowman; a comforting vanilla, orange and sandalwood bar, dunked in desiccated coconut with liquorice pieces for eyes and a nose and a piece of Ice Blue, the extremely minty cool soap.  Wrapped in cute snowman paper.

WHITE CHRISTMAS (£7.50) … just what everyone is a dreaming of … Lush’s classic stocking filler gift, containing two of our loveliest white products; a piece of Snowcake, the rich, creamy moisturising soap and a slab of the cognac laden Snow Showers shower jelly.

YULETIDE (£7.50)
… a great gift for wishing everyone a happy Yuletide.  Containing a piece of Christmas Cake – an almond oil rich soap with aloe vera and vertivert oil to soften and nourish dry skin; and Mr. Butterball – a snowman shaped ballistic made with the uplifting sweet floral, ylang ylang and moisturising cocoa butter.

From £7.50 – £10.00

TWINKLE (£7.95)
… A star of a gift box with a little twosome starring Twinkle, Lush’s aquamarine glitter ball of fizzing clary sage, lavender and vanilla, opposite Shimmy Shimmy, a gold/pink sparkling party body shimmer made with cocoa butter, shea butter and sensual, aphrodisiac clary sage and lavender.  Wrapped in twinkly pink paper and a twinkly silver bow.

SNOW FAIRY (£9.95) … for all the snow fairies out there who like to cover themselves in glitter and be the belle of every Ball.  There’s Lush’s pink, bubble-icious Snow Fairy shimmery shower gel, made with soothing vanilla; a star shaped piece of The Godmother soap, scented with said Snow Fairy fragrance; and a Glitterbug massage bar, to leave sparkle and a lovely fragrance on the skin.  This gorgeously girly starry pink paper is tied with a pink bow and comes with its very own jingle bell.

BEST WISHES (£9.95) … a simple message to one and all at Christmas time.  A red and white theme runs throughout this gift, containing Christmas Kisses – a softening, relaxing and warming bubble bar that looks just like Santa’s hat; Mr Butterball vanilla and cocoa butter ballistic; and Marzibain almondy and soothing bubble bar.  Nice and traditional, it’s hand wrapped with a white natural paper from India and tied together with a woven red and white ribbon.

From £10.00 – £15.00

ROCKIN’ ROBIN (£10.95)
… a box of Christmas cakey products for those who want a little festive indulgence yet don’t want it to go straight to the hips!  Containing the classic Lush Pud bath ballistic – a clove, lemon peel and rose absolute pudding for a spicy bath; a slice of Christmas Cake – an almond oil rich soap with aloe vera and vertivert oil to soften and nourish dry skin; and Let Them Eat Cake – a lip balm that tastes like the icing on the Christmas cake.   Olive oil, shea butter and coco butter soften and nourish, while vanilla soothes and cinnamon plumps the lips.

… just what you’d want to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.  There are two calming and soothing bath products and two revitalising hangover cures – all you’ll need to get through the festive season.  Christmas Kisses bubble bar is Lush’s version of a hot toddy – for spicy, lime and orange scented bubbles; Frothy the Snowman – a comforting vanilla, orange and sandalwood bubble bar, dunked in desiccated coconut; Jingle Spells bath ballistic – a fennel, juniperberry and tangerine oil reviver; and Lush Pud ballistic – a rescue remedy of aloe vera extract, clove powder and rose absolute.

SEASONS GREETINGS (£14.50) … a traditional set containing four of Lush’s mildest products that are great for anyone with especially sensitive skin.  There’s the new Vanilla Fountain ballistic, that’s vanilla laden and with relaxing sandalwood; Snowcake creamy, almondy moisturising soap; the soothing marzipan fragranced bubble bar Marzibain; and the almond oil, chamomile and marigold hand cream Smitten, to help keep your hands soft and protected against the cold.  Wrapped in Vintage style festive paper, reminiscent of Christmas’s gone by, all tied together with a red ribbon.

… this one’s a parcel that both men and women would gladly receive.  Wrapped in recycled parcel paper with a white pattern printed on it, it’s tied together with a red ribbon and with a luggage label.  Inside there’s a piece of Porridge – an exfoliating soap made with real porridge oats and fresh orange juice; softening Olive Branch shower gel – with mandarin and bergamot to uplift the senses along with olive oil to nourish; a slice of warming and spicy Spice Curls soap; and a slab of Gold, Frankincense and Beer shower jelly, that’s orange and spicy with a kick of real stout.  Perfect for sending to friends or family who don’t have baths.

From £15.00 – £20.00

CHRISTMAS CANDY BOX (£15.95) … a wonderful, delushious Lush classic made with a nostalgic slice of Americana in mind – full of sweet and bubble gum pink goodies.  There’s the new Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel – made with fresh strawberries, softening almond oil and seasonal frankincense oil; Let Them Eat Cake lip balm – full of all the ingredients you’d expect in a cake, including a mixture of butters, currant, sultana and raisin infusion, lemon peel, cinnamon and vanilla; pink and starry Angels Delight orangey fresh soap; Candy Cane pink and white bubble bar made with soothing vanilla; and the cocoa butter laden Mr Butterball bath ballistic.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS (£18.50) … this worldwide best-selling gift is back this year with five happy-go-lucky gems to get you ready to party, have you dancing on the ceiling, and some excellent remedies to help you stay on your toes.  Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar, all red and glittery with rose, tangerine and carnation, which acts as a tonic and all rounder; Christmas Party, the cognac filled, zingy ballistic; chocolate and vanilla Chocolate Santa ballistic (small), for a comforting bath; detoxifying Jingle Spells ballistic, to cast a magic spell over your hangover and make it dissolve away in the water; and a slice of Christmas Cake soap, that’s complete with marzipan layer and icing and nourishing for the hands, with almond oil and aloe vera extract.  All wrapped up in shiny red foil paper and a multicoloured fabric ribbon.

CHRISTMAS STAR (£19.95) … For fans of all things glitterati, this star shaped gift is bursting with six wonderfully uplifting, cleansing and sparkling bath time treats.  There’s the new Gold Star bubble bar, a bewitching blend of essential oils to create a ‘Well Done’ spell, including seasonal frankincense oil; the fairytale glittering Twinkle ballistic to help recharge your batteries, in a special star shape; a piece of the pink and starry Angel’s Delight soap (star shaped); the sparkling, revitalising, buck’s fizz scented Christmas Party bath ballistic, to get your bath time going with a bang; pink and sweet vanilla scented Rock Star soap (star shaped); and Jingle Spells fennel and tangerine wish-I-hadn’t-had-so-much hangover cure (star shaped).  All these treats are encased in a silver, glitter encrusted star box … it’ll fall right into your basket!

CHRISTMAS PRESENT (£19.95) … Enough Lush products to keep you clean long into the New Year.  There’s some of the new Strawberry Santa shower jelly, a santa shaped jelly made with fresh strawberries, coconut and vanilla pod infusion; a slice of fruity and soothing Christmas Cake soap; softening Porridge soap, with soothing oats and fresh organic orange juice and sweet orange oil to help rid congested skin of toxins; an Up You Gets emotibomb, to wake you up in the mornings with lashings of lemon, lime and grapefruit juice; softening Olive Branch shower gel, with mandarin and bergamot to uplift the senses along with olive oil to nourish; and Lemslip buttercream, for a refreshingly cleansing shower wash.  A long box wrapped in green paper delicately emblazoned with mistletoe and tied with a big red velvet ribbon.  Perfect for non-bath households and for both men and women.

From £20.00 to £40.00

CHRISTMAS PARTY (£24.95) … a Christmas party box full of Lush’s alcohol inspired products, that cleanse and refresh the mind and body and a few to help the inevitable headaches the morning-after-the-night-before!  There’s a slab of Gold, Frankincense and Beer shower jelly, that’s orange and spicy with a kick of real stout; the cognac laden Snow Showers shower jelly, chill like champagne before using for a handful of cleansing, softening jelly scented with orange and cognac; Ocean Salt face and body scrub, it’s like a tequila slammer for the skin with exfoliating sea salt, brightening grapefruit and lime juices and skin-softening avocado butter; a piece of the lemon scented Bohemian soap, to help clear a fuzzy head; Happy Hippy shower gel, a refreshing mixture of citrus fruits to invigorate the senses and help you wake up; a piece of the cool, minty Ice Blue soap with cleansing sea salt; an Up You Gets emotibomb with lashings of lemon, lime and grapefruit to awaken the senses after a heavy night; and Too Drunk … emotibomb, a reviving blend of essential oils to soothe a sore head and slowly bring you back to life.

… pink and delightfully girly, this gift is full of as many pink, sweet and glittery products you can imagine.  Containing a new Stardust bath ballistic, with everlasting flower, violet leaf absolute and bergamot oil; pink and starry Angel’s Delight soap; pink and glittery Flosty Gritter bubble bar; comforting vanilla and soothing sandalwood Vanilla Fountain bath ballistic; Snow Fairy shower gel that’s candyfloss pink with a magical scent and a brush of iridescent glitter; the aquamarine Twinkle ballistic will sparkle like millions of stars in the water; Christmas Morning bubble bar that’s an energising bath full of ticker tape to reflect the chaos of Christmas morning; and Mr Butterball ballistic that is crammed with cocoa butter for a softening, sweet bath.  Wrapped in bright pink paper emblazoned with shooting stars and tied with a silver lamé ribbon.

CHARITY BOX (£29.95) … a gift that keeps on giving.  Inside is a Charity Pot hand and body lotion that costs £9.95 in store and this amount (minus the VAT) from this gift will be given to small, handpicked grass root charities and groups that work in environmental conservation and animal welfare.  Also contains Nutts massage bar, that’s made with Fair Trade cocoa butter and other organic ingredients; pepperminty Fair Trade Foot Lotion that’s cooling for tired tootsies and Fair Trade cocoa butter to soften; Olive Branch shower gel, with Fair Trade olive oil from two great sources: lands in Sicily which the government has reclaimed from the Mafia and an Israeli and Palestinian co-operative in the Middle East; and a chunk of Karma soap, fragranced with the best-selling Karma scent of patchouli, lavendin and orange oils.  It’s all good karma for the earth!  The handmade paper this gift is wrapped with comes from a cooperative in India, is emblazoned with fern leaves and even has seeds inside.  It’s all tied up with a red paper ribbon.  Give to a loved one and give to charity all at the same time!

… a gift box containing a selection of Lush’s super natural products that are all crammed full of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a few products designed around spells to work a little natural magic on your skin and cast some wonder into your life.  There’s the new Witches’ Ball bubble bar, made with a witches’ blend of herbs to help clear blocks or barriers in life; Ceridwen’s Cauldron luxury bath melt, to soften the skin; Tisty Tosty bath ballistic, a love spell with 7 rose buds; Butterball bath ballistic, simply just cocoa butter and ylang ylang to soothe, soften and moisturise the skin; Therapy massage bar, where lavender and neroli are melted together with cocoa butter and shea butter for a pure relaxation treat; Figs and Leaves soap has our new palm oil free base of rapeseed oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil and other natural ingredients like figs, orange blossom absolute and ylang ylang oil; and Aqua Mirabilis skin conditioner, a block of cocoa butter, almond butter and ground almond shells to scrub away dead skin cells.  Wrapped in handmade red natural paper, that’s designed by our Lush designers and printed in Nepal by a co-operative.  It’s tied with a paper gold ribbon and looks as super natural as its contents.

ENCHANTED (£32.95)
… a magical box of festive treats to enchant and bewitch.  Frothy the Snowman bubble bar will create masses of vanilla scented bubbles for a snuggly, soothing bath; Snowdrops ballistic will refresh and invigorate the senses; Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar is red, sparkly and a great tonic for the skin; Magic bath ballistic, contains a witches’ blend of herbs to create a good luck spell; Angels Delight soap is fruity, twinkly, pink and heavenly; Mr Butterball ballistic is cute, cocoa buttery and incredibly softening; Let Them Eat Cake lip balm is softening, nourishing and protective for the lips; Candy Cane bubble bar is bubble-gum sweet; and Chocolate Santa (small) is deliciously flavoured with vanilla and chocolate.  The products come in a new, smaller style hatbox decorated with a Narnia-esque winter scene and tied with a red velvet ribbon.

… twelve Lush products for each of the twelve days of Christmas. There’s some fruity and seasonal Angels Delight soap; skin softening and comforting Marzibain bubble bar; detoxing Jingle Spells bath ballistic; skin calming Mr Butterball snowman ballistic; almond oil laden Snowcake soap; barrier clearing The Witches’ Ball bubble bar; sweet and vanilla scented Candy Cane bubble bar; glittery Twinkle bath ballistic; buck’s fizz scented Christmas Party bath ballistic; Lush Pud restorative bath ballistic, Lush’s version of an alka seltzer; a cute Chocolate Santa (small) that’s deliciously flavoured with vanilla and chocolate; and a Christmas Kisses bubble bar, for masses of warming cinnamon and clove scented bubbles.  The only thing missing is a partridge in a pear tree, and you’ll find that on the wrap of this fabulously festive gift.

From £45.00 upwards For people you love the most …

WINTER WONDERLAND (£49.95) … a beautiful white hatbox container, with red velvet snowflakes embossed all over it, all tied together with a gorgeous satin red ribbon.  Lock yourself away from the world and create your own winter wonderland of pampering with these hand and body treats.
Contents: Ring of Roses buttercream / Helping Hands hand cream  / Rub Rub Rub shower gel / Each Peach massage bar / Up The Wooden Hill Emotibomb / Up You Gets Emotibomb / Let Them Eat Cake lip balm / Porridge soap / Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel / Seanik solid shampoo bar / Buffy Body Butter / Silky Underwear dusting powder / Snow Showers shower jelly.

… a gorgeous hatbox overflowing with each of the Christmas products.  It’s a veritable collection of festive fizzers, witches’ potions to work magic on your skin and seasonal bubbles to keep you looking and feeling your best.  This box is reminiscent of a traditional countryside scene, where you’re sitting by a log fire sipping on a mulled wine and gazing with wonder at the Christmas tree.  There’s an abundance of pine cones, red poinsettia, green leaves and golden fruits and all tied together with a big golden bow.
Contents: The Witches’ Ball bubble bar / Jingle Spells ballistic / Angels Delight soap moon / A Gold Star bubble bar / Christmas Party ballistic / Christmas Morning bubble bar / Lush Pud ballistic / Christmas Cake soap / Chocolate Santa ballistic (small) / Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar / Mr Butterball ballistic / Snowdrops ballistic / Let Them Eat Cake lip balm / Snow Fairy shower gel / Marzibain bubble bar slice / Twinkle star ballistic / Frothy The Snowman bubble bar / Christmas Kisses bubble bar / Snowcake soap / Candy Cane bubble bar / Strawberry Santa shower gel (vegan)

Lush Christmas gifts and single treats are available at Lush shops nationwide.  For shop details and mail order, call 01202 668 545.  Or, order on-line at

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