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Everything you need for a perfect cosy night in this Autumn

Autumn in almost upon us; the nights are drawing in and the leaves are changing. It's that time of year where we get to cosy up in our baggy jumpers and UGG boots while sipping our pumpkin spice lattes. Autumn has got to be my favorite season. The fresh crisp air, the cosy nights in, oh and the food! Stew and dumplings, warm soup and crusty bread. It's the whole atmosphere, I just love it!

Here are a few new Autumn things we are loving…

Matalan's Cosy Quilted Patchwork Throw & Pillow


The perfect combo to snuggle up with on those chilly evenings. Wrap yourself up in this cosy throw whilst watching your favourite movies. The throw and cushion together make your bed look so much more warm and inviting on those cold nights.

Pumpkin Spice Latte


Starbucks make the most mouth-watering pumpkin spice lattes, but if you don't fancy stepping out to the shops in the cold, then why not make your own? We found an amazing recipe here.

Bomb Cosmetics Autumn Candles


Set the mood with these Autumnal scented candles from Bomb Cosmetics. The wild cherry one has a warm scent of raspberry, strawberry and blackberry. It kind of reminds me of a blackberry crumble. The fruit firework candle reminds me more of Autumn with the colour and the name, but it's more of a zesty smell. Both these gorgeous candles will leave your home feeling cosy and warm this Autumn.

NEW “Harvest Time” Autumn Yankee Candles


Switch off the main light and relax in the atmosphere of these perfect warm scents that will leave your home with that cosy Autumnal feel. Yankee has got to be one of my favorite brands when it comes to candles, I get so excited when they bring out their new ranges and they always seem to get the scents spot on!

Ebony & Oak – This woodland scent really reminds me of the great outdoors, camping in the woods and cuddling up next to the fire. The warm notes of patchouli and eucalyptus will linger in your home making you feel all snug and cosy.

Autumn Night  Unwind and de-stress with the relaxing notes of lavender.  This candle has to be the most calming of them all. It kind of reminds me of lazy Sunday afternoons snuggling up on the sofa under the duvet while you can hear the rain pouring down outside. 

Rhubarb Crumble – Like I said before, Yankee always seem to get their scents spot on and the rhubarb crumble candle smells EXACTLY like you have a crumble cooking in the oven. The delicious fruity notes kind of make you want to eat this one and you have to remind yourself it's just a candle! 

Honey Clementine – The refreshing citrus aroma really compliments the subtle notes of honey in this candle. This one smells very yummy and has to be my personal favorite. 

Tesco Beauty Range


Tesco have a gorgeous range of bath goodies to help you unwind and mellow out in a luxurious warm bath this Autumn. Treaclemoon marshmallow hearts is a sweet-smelling shower and bath gel that leaves you feeling calm and refreshed. The yummy scent seems to linger on your skin for hours after your bath too!

Calcot Manor gentle salt scrub gives you the ultimate spa experience. This lavish exfoliating scrub will make you feel like royalty relaxing in an indulgent bathtub.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Autumn products are …

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