Dancing On Ice!


This Sunday, finally after weeks of training, tears and, of course, bruised bums we have the DANCING ON ICE FINAL!

For 11 weeks now we have sat glued to our seats on Sunday nights watching thirteen celebrities, who at first could barely skate let alone dance, take to the ice with passion, cheesy routines and even camper costumes! 

I think it’s fair to say The Bill star Todd Carty was certainly the highlight of the series so far when his awful skating parallel with his sense of humour sent him flying off of the stage mide-routine, arms desperately flapping wildly trying to hold his balance, and was then picked off the floor by the back stage crew and pushed back out.

While proving it is as much a popularity contest as a dancing show, Coleen Nolan gave us a few giggles from her “loose” tongue but also gave the public what I would describe as painful viewing as she tried her hardest not to fall over week after week until finally she lost out to Donal MacLntyre for a spot in the final.

I have to admit though my worst moment in the series was the loss of delicious eye-candy actor Jeremy Edwards far too early in just week three!

We have finally weeded out the weak ones and are left with just three celebrities fighting for the title:

•    Liberty X singer, Jessica Taylor, aged 28, who has come out smiling of the “Skate-off” twice due to her long legs and perfect body lines while dancing; but Dancing on Ice judge, Jason Gardiner, claimed this week that he thinks she is “too boring” to win this years series!
However, this series has already won her a contract to be the new face of lingerie brand Diamond Boutique with her stunningly toned figure. Could her fabulously long legs be enough to grab the Dancing on Ice prize though?

•    My personal favourite is Investigative Journalist, Donal MacLntyre has been playing the part of the “Action man” this series with his fast and furious moves. Donal has definitely done the most improving throughout the series and even helps choreograph his own routine, what a sweetie! As long as he keeps his routine fresh and fast as usual I really think he could charm his way into winning the show!

•    Singer Ray Quinn has been the hot favourite to win from the start after he took to the ice like a duck to water and in just week six scored the perfect score with his “Don’t stop me now” routine. Week after week he wowed the audience and judges with his magical, faultless routines, however to me he always seems to lack passion and although he can dance and skate as well as the professionals I’m not too sure if he can win this popularity contest!

For the final the stars have been learning the flying element, which hasn’t been going down well with Ray Quinn who suffers with air-sickness every time he tries it! This element always proves to be breathtakingly beautiful so I can’t wait to see what Sunday’s show has in store – although a just small spoiler, Todd Carty WILL be back with that famous “Help” routine!

By Anna Louise

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