Designer Fashion – For Your Blackberry!

BlackBerry is celebrating Christmas in style this year by teaming up with a selection of talent to create one-off ‘gift-wraps’. This unique collaboration sees Celia Birtwell, Antoni and Alison, Rachel Stevens, Ollie Evans and Ronzo create bespoke, Christmas-inspired designs that users can download as wallpapers onto their BlackBerry smartphones.

All BlackBerry users need to do is log on to to download their chosen design and see what inspired their designer.

Celia Birtwell commented: “”Mystic Daisy is one of my favourite prints of all time and has been the most successful. It is wonderful to bring to this print to a new audience via BlackBerry making ‘design’ easily accessible for a new generation. I have produced Mystic Daisy in various colourways for fashion but I thought this colourway was the most suitable for Christmas 2008. Happy Christmas.”

The inspiration behind the designs:

Celia Birtwell – Celia uses one of her very well known designs with a colourway that she feels is most suitable for Christmas

Antoni and Alison – “We wanted to create an ‘Antoni & Alison Bow & Very, Merry, Black & Berry piece of work”

Rachel Stevens (image above) – “I wanted my wrapping paper to have a real Christmassy feel so I decided on a fairy! The purple really makes her stand out. It would be lovely to have a few sheets myself – I’m a bit late with the Christmas shopping this year!”

Ollie Evans – A design which is simple and purely about pattern, and may cause a few headaches to fragile minds on Christmas morning!

Ronzo – An off-the-wall design, which incorporates Ronzo’s signature style with a comical side to Christmas

The wallpapers will be available until the end of January to ensure every user has the chance to dress up their BlackBerry during the festive period. They are also available to print from the BlackBerry Facebook fan page:

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