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Things to Consider When You Design Your Own Bathroom.

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Having the opportunity to design your own bathroom would be a dream come true. Being the designer and having the final say on the small details and deciding what goes where would enable you to create the perfect space. Designed for you; perfectly practical in every way. Here are some helpful pointers…

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  » Layout «

The layout of a bathroom is very important. Especially when thinking about functionality and necessity.So, whether you want a claw foot bath or an easy access bath unit. You need to ensure it is in the right location for both practical and aesthetic reasons. His and her sinks are a great idea. You can go for a classic, tradition finish with bright white bowls and brass taps. Or you could step away from the norm and perhaps design one side to suit your style, and the other to suit your fellas!.

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» Materials «

The sky is the limit when thinking about what can go into your bathroom. You can use refurbished and rustic materials or newer contemporary materials depending on your own needs. This can be one of the most fun aspects of designing your bathroom as you can play around with materials and combine textures to create a truly individual finish. Do you prefer a classic white suite or do you prefer something a little more daring? Stone floors or bespoke tiles, or even flawless marble and oak flooring? The choice is endless… go crazy!

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» Themes «

When thinking of a theme for your bathroom you can go so far beyond colour and furnishings. Theme bathrooms can add a little fun and whimsy to your home decor and delight family, friends and guests alike. So whether you simply want to cover your walls with your postage stamp collection, or go for a classic nautical theme. Or perhaps you are a movie buff or love Disney…  be daring! If it hasn't been done before, then you be the first! You are only limited by your imagination.

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» Modifications «

Modifying your bathroom can almost be as good as re-designing it. A new sink or bath can totally alter the way the room is presented which can give it an entirely new ambience.

If you are modifying it for practical reasons, to make things more accessible for example, then it really doesn't have to be boring either. You can completely change the way your bathroom functions, for example, by turning it from a conventional bathroom into a trendy wet room. You can get creative with tile choices, or choose a shower head and use it is a statement piece.

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Be bold. Be creative. Embrace change.

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