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‘Fashionable pet accessories for practical people’

The perfect Christmas gift for pet owners has at last been designed and launched by Dog Adorers. Their clever and unique Wrist Walker and Ankle Anchor offer a stylish and functional solution for dog walkers whose busy lives require them to multitask. The Wrist Walker and Ankle Anchor give you a hands-free option to keep you in control and your pet safe. These are ideal items for when you are Christmas/January sale shopping, pushing a buggy, talking on the mobile or just sitting and relaxing in a café. After much testing and feedback from dog walking groups, in August 2007 Jane Lawrence launched Dog Adorers.

Wrist Walker

The Wrist Walker is comprised of extra strong webbing that is lined with a soft fabric to contour the wrist for comfort. It is available in a variety of colour combinations ensuring that there is a style to suit every taste. The Wrist Walker is securely fastened with Velcro that is fed through a durable ‘D’ ring for extra strength. The Wrist Walker set includes matching double ended lead and cuff and coordinating Poo Bag Pouch all for only £19.99 RRP.

Ankle Anchor

The Ankle Anchor is the ideal stocking filler for the stylish dog owner: A fun and functional solution to secure your dog when you are sitting outside having a cup of coffee or a picnic. This great accessory is also lined with a soft fabric with extra strong webbing, which fastens securely around the ankle with Velcro. The Ankle Anchor is available as part of a set, complete with a double ended lead and matching Poo Bag Pouch all for only £21.99 RRP.

For the men

The Easy Walker collection has identical features to the original Wrist Walker and Ankle Anchor but offers more neutral colour combinations. The men’s Easy Walker range excludes the Poo Bag Pouch; the Wrist Walker is priced at £17.99 RRP and the Ankle Anchor at £19.99 RRP.

Poo Bag Pouch

This item can be purchased on its own or as part of the Wrist Walker or Ankle Anchor set. It is very funky, vibrant and practical; the double ended lead has a specific eyelet to which you can attach the Poo Bag Pouch. Alternatively attach the pouch to your jeans or handbag and use it for make up, loose change or doggie treats. The Poo Bag Pouch is available for £7.99 RRP.

The Lead Learner

The Lead Learner is specifically for children and attaches to the main dog lead by a clip on handle allowing your child to be hands-on yet safe. The handle clips effortlessly onto the eyelet eliminating any pull from the main lead, so that the child can walk comfortably and securely alongside their parent and dog. The Lead Learner is available in coordinating colours and is only £7 RRP.

Dog’s Day Out

This funky canvas storage cube designed by Dotty Designs of London is filled with coordinating accessories. The Dog’s Day Out storage cube is a tidy and convenient way of transporting all your doggie essentials for a day out with your pooch. The Dog’s Day Out is priced at £45 RRP and includes the following matching accessories: a Wrist Walker and Ankle Anchor set, a beautiful embroidered towel and a cosy blanket.

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What Girlie Gossip Thought …

Sandy from our review team recently tried out a couple of the products above, keep reading below to find out excatly what she thought!

This week I have been trying out the Wrist Walker dog lead, from the innovative company Dog Adorers

I have the lovely Hyena lead, this lead went down well with Pugsley my little pug cross, anything that ties me to him is seen as a bonus to such a clingy creature.

The wrist band is easy to put on and take off and is padded and soft(although it is a bit scratchy where the lead meets the cuff), I think it may be better to put it on once your dog has calmed down as mine tends to go round and round in a circles as soon as I pick up a lead, causing the lead to twist.

The poo bag pouch is attached to the lead and matches perfectly, it should ideally have some velcro at the top opening though as I found the bags fell out, this bag can also be attached to your keyring or handbag.

I attached my door keys to the lead and off I went, it was much easier than carrying a handbag and I knew there was no way I could drop the lead by mistake. The lead is a good length, but it would be good if you could be varying lengths as I often attach two leads together for longer walks and stay with a shorter walk around town.

Pugsley got lots of attention with his new lead on and I think this product is a great buy and fits a niche in the market. I already spend quite alot on my dog jackets etc and love the various colours available. I woud suggest the company make the wrist band available without the lead as well as then you could tailor them to the colour of your clothing.

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