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Dove Men's Skincare

This Father’s Day, whatever type of dad you have, Dove® Men+Care is the expert on Man Maintenance and will have something that suits his skin and lifestyle.


This Dad is young at heart, and is the first to throw himself into the rough and tumble with the kids. Replenish his skin and relieve the damage caused by the day’s adventures with Deep Clean + Face Scrub (RRP* £4.49), a mild deep cleansing formula to unblock pores and fight skin dryness, with added scrubbing agents.

Shield him from odour while he runs around, with Clean Comfort Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (RRP* £3.19) designed to give men protection by combining one of the most effective ingredients for 48-hour protection against odour with a non-irritant ¼ moisturiser technology. After a long day fooling around, he needs Clean Comfort Shower Gel (RRP* £2.65) which cools and revitalises skin for a long-lasting fresh feel. It contains menthol to give a soft cooling feel and innovative MICROMOISTURE™ technology which helps protect skin from dryness.



This dad is all the sporting greats rolled into one (kind of). If he’s not running around a rugby field or tearing up the squash court then he’s speaking in sports metaphors and practising his golf swing at dinner parties.

Sporty Dad needs Revitalise+ Shave Gel (RRP* £3.99) which shields your skin from the dryness brought on by shaving. It uses a refreshing moisturising formula to protect your skin from irritations caused by your razor, leaving skin feeling smooth and ready for a day on the fairway.

For the intense tennis matches, protect him against odour with Silver Control Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (RRP* £3.19) with a unique formula that combines powerful anti-perspirant ingredients. Make sure he uses Fresh Awake Shower Gel (RRP* £2.65) with MICROMOISTURE™ technology, proven to fight skin dryness leaving skin clean and comfortable after a hard session running around a court.

Finally, Sporty Dad will need Revitalise+ Moisturiser (RRP* £8.99), which instantly revives tired skin with a light and refreshing formula, accompanied by an invigorating fragrance.


This dad is constantly on the go, up at the crack of dawn and powering through a busy day and into the evening. While he’s rushing around the city with a briefcase on a few hours sleep, his skin will be dull and tired.

To start the day feeling clean, give him Extra Fresh Shower Gel (RRP* £2.65). Its energising scent provides a jolt of freshness to jumpstart the day, while patented MICROMOISTURE™ technology activates on skin to fight skin dryness better than any regular men's body wash.

To defend him from harmful UVA and UVB rays on his regular commute to the office, give him Hydrate+ Moisturiser (RRP* £8.99), which keeps his skin hydrated and comfortable all day.

Finally, keep him cool in the boardroom, with Extra Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (RRP* £3.19) – the newest variant in the range and takes efficacy to the next level. It contains silver coated Titanium Dioxide, a known anti-bacterial agent, alongside a high quality fragrance which means long lasting odour protection.


You can be as tough as nails but still suffer from sensitive skin, and this Dad, though he loves his sport and his DIY, suffers on the surface from sensitivity.

Give him Sensitive+ Moisturiser (RRP* £8.99) containing a gentle, formula that leaves skin hydrated and offers soothing relief. The fragrance-neutral formula absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling less irritated whilst helping to reduce redness.

Defend him against the day ahead with Sensitive Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (RRP* £3.19) and Sensitive Shower Gel (RRP* £2.65), specially formulated for men with sensitive skin and dermatologically tested. The Shower Gel contains MICROMOISTURE™ technology, which is clinically proven to help fight the causes of skin dryness and has a pleasant neutral-fragrance.

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