Fable Fans Gifted with Gold this Christmas (But Not Frankincense or Myrrh)

The masterminds behind “Fable III: Kingmaker” celebrate Christmas with a golden gift for every player! Christmas bonuses are coming to fans of “Fable III: Kingmaker” as players of the mobile game are rewarded with a special seasonal gift courtesy of the King.  To celebrate Christmas, every player will receive a huge bounty of 50,000 gold coins† to ensure they truly have the Midas touch as they battle to rule over Albion in the full Fable III game.  

Bells are already ringing in Albion after Fable fans recently received a free “Santa hat” to help them get into the Christmas spirit.  Players can don their hat as they strive for the ultimate power as King or Queen of Albion in the “must have” game which features jaw-dropping action sequences and fully immersive storytelling.

“Fable III: Kingmaker” has taken Europe by storm since it was released on 1st October 2010.  The free geo-location based game enables fans to pledge their allegiance for the Royals or Rebels by planting virtual flags for their faction using the GPS facility on their mobile phone.

Players can stake a claim to unclaimed land or opposing team territory, earning themselves in-game gold* to use in “Fable III” on Xbox 360. Over 3.7 million virtual flags have already been planted across Europe, earning players a total of over 5.5 billion gold coins.

Almost 90,000 people are already embroiled in the action and with “Fable III: Kingmaker” now running until 1st January 2011, fans of the Fable franchise still have time to build a nest egg and transfer it into the realm of Albion in the full game.

To signal the end of the battle, “Fable III: Kingmaker” players on the winning team in their country will each receive a 50,000 gold coin bonus†.  The gold rush continues as those on the winning team for the battle of Europa will be gifted a further 100,000 gold coins† per player.

More astute monarchs will also be able to discover even more riches by finding a variety of treasure chests hidden in the game, each of which holds up to 5,000 pieces of gold.  So far, over 37,000 chests full to the brim with bounty have been found with thousands more awaiting discovery.

“Fable III: Kingmaker” is available for download on a number of operating platforms on over 60 devices**.  Those wanting to join the fight should visit www.Fable3Kingmaker.com for more information.

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