First Look: iPod Touch 2012

With all the talk of Apple’s iPhone 5 you would be forgiven for not knowing much at all, about the next gen iPod touch, but amazingly it probably has more new features than its phone counterpart.

The iPod touch has been around for a while now and offers people the ability to have all the features of the latest iPhone without the phone part, enabling them to use the brilliant iOS app market and many other apple only services without the need for a contract, which is especially useful for the kids.

The new iPod touch comes in a variety of colours (yellow, silver, pink, blue and black) and features the same 4in retina screen that its new counterpart uses (1136×640 resolution) – it really is a pretty device and has a anodised aluminium body giving it a warm comfortable feel in your hand. Apple has also placed a small pin on the back of the touch that pops out to allow the connection of a wrist strap allowing its use as a very nice alternative to your digital camera, the last iPod touch only had a meagre 1 mega pixel camera but this latest design is rocking the same 5 mega pixel camera and software from the iPhone 4s which was no slouch in the picture department.

The new iPod touch will ship with the processor from the iPhone 4s but in tests it has shown to run apps from IOS 6 such as passbook with little to no fuss, so it should be more than capable of running everything the iPhone 5 does.

The 32gb touch will cost £249 and the 64gb £329 when it launches in the UK next month.

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