Gadget Girlies!


It's official….. us girlies are turning into gadget freaks! The shoes are out and the iPod is in!

Could this be the turning point from girlie to geekie?

Studies in the US have shown that women today are less interested in shoes and make-up and would rather receive birthday gifts such as iPods, DVD's or mobile phones.

The days of sneeking home with new shoe purchases and hiding them from your other half may be well and truly over…….. surely he is going to approve more of some techo-gadget which was half price??!!

Could this be the biggest lifestyle change women have ever witnessed? It's a different mind set from that of the standard “blonde jokes” our husbands and boyfriends continue to find amusing.

The survey which has produced these shock results was carried out by Oxygen Network and illustrates that three out of four women would rather own a plasma TV than a diamond solitaire necklace!

The big gadget companies seem to be catching on to this new trend, as we have seen over the last couple of year with the influx of an array of girlie gadgets available on the market. The likes of pink lap-tops, fluffy kitchen appliances and funky car accessories have become common place in our high street stores.

So are we really straying from what we know best? Surely every girl is still going to have a passion for shoes and anything pink! We may be more technically minded than our Mother or Gran ever were, but we are definitely not about to become techo-geeks……. girlie-geeks maybe, giving us the best of both worlds!

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  1. I love gadgets much more than clothes and shoes and rather than dream of chloe bags I dream of blackberry’s hdtv’s and video ipods.

    Style has become affordable with shops like Primark you can still stay up with the trends and with the money left over I buy gadgets!

  2. I’m definetly a Girlie Geek! I’ve really got into this whole computing thing since being with my OH. I have several websites and love new gadgets. I do still enjoy clothes and being creative and that though so I’m still girlie.

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