Gift ideas for your Girlfriend!

Picking a gift out for your girlfriend can be a difficult thing. As a general rule of thumb, you avoid buying clothes unless you’re a keen fashionista yourself and you have a pretty good idea about what she likes (and what size she wears).


You should firstly think about what your girlfriend’s tastes and interests are as a starting point. If you’re still having trouble after you’ve considered what she’s into, you might want to read on for some more ideas.


A pair of shoes


This might seem like an easy thing to say, but a pair of shoes always goes a long way with a girlfriend. Keep an ear out in the run up to her birthday (or Christmas or Valentine’s Day) and see if there’s a particular pair of shoes that she’s been pining for.


If she hasn’t dropped any clues at all, have a look through some of her magazines when she’s not around to get a good idea of what kind of shoes she likes. Kurt Geiger shoes are always a great bet for fashionable footwear – ask some of her friends what kind of shoes they think she’s into, too.


A homemade present


Something you’ve crafted with your own hands will definitely tug at her heartstrings. It doesn’t even matter what it is – it’s the effort you put in that ultimately counts. It’s a very personal gift that will mean the world to her because of the effort you have put in.

The options for this are endless. You could craft her a necklace of some kind, or a beautiful trinket or bracelet.


Buy her an experience


Of course, you don’t need to get her an object. An experience will definitely last longer in her mind, and it’ll be a great memory to look back on fondly. This could be anything from tickets to see her favourite band, or even tickets to somewhere exciting for the weekend.


Again, you don’t have to spend too much money doing this. If you’re concerned about overstretching financially, a visit to Paris doesn’t have to be in order. You could always invite your girlfriend to your hometown to give her a little tour of where you’re from.


However, if your hometown’s actually drab and there’s nothing going on there, do something ‘crazy’ and take her to a carnival for a day of mayhem. She won’t forget it in a hurry!


Buy her favourite tipple


If all else fails, you could always get her a fancy bottle of something you can both enjoy. What’s her favourite spirit, or is there a particular wine she can’t get enough of. You could always go a little bit further and research some cocktails, and surprise her with a delicious treat one evening. Throw the cocktail gear in as part of the treat!



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