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Hello girls and boys, well mainly girls as you are on the site Girlie Gossip, this is your weekly fix of showbiz stories.  This week there is not so good news from the Girls Aloud camp, a grieving Tweed, paying respect to 80s film director, big fashion star drops £12 million contract and X Factor news because we love it!  Continue reading this article that is pasted before you and become engrossed with the showbiz life of our celebrities, not that you care but have fun!

It is, in fact, a no show…o dear

AFTER Girls Aloud decided to go on a year-long break the least Cheryl Cole and Sarah Harding could do is turn up to some soiree that Kimberly, Nicola and Nadine had made such an effort for.  The Something Kinda Oo girl band had arranged a special screening of their new tour DVD.  Apparently the organisers had to delay the screening time only to find out the X factor judge and her party animal sidekick weren’t going to attend.  Tut tut!
If this was me, which it never would be because a) The last time I checked I was a man and b) well a) sort of killed off the point of b), I would be peeved that ‘all’ my friends and family had turned up to a swanky May Fair hotel and there were a couple of no shows!  Maybe Cheryl and Sarah had something better to do or maybe they were genuinely tied up elsewhere…you make your own decision on the matter that is if you even care.  There is definitely some major explaining to be done on the matter, where were you Girls?

Cider, some more cider and Bianca Gascoigne?

WHAT is the best way to get over your late wife?  According to Jack Tweed it is to go out and get trollied (I think that is some northern way of saying really drunk).  He was seen at this week’s Nokia Skate Almighty disco gripping what can only be described as alcoholic fizzy apple juice aka cider, errr!  It seems like it is not only alcohol that Tweed is looking to for comfort, on the same night he allegedly spent a lot of time flirting with Bianca Gascoigne.  I guess everyone has their own way of grieving, obviously that Tweeds seems to be excessive partying.  Fair play!

The legend that is John Hughes

REMEMBER the 80s?  A decade of roller discos and ‘out there’ outfits (Austin Powers comes to mind) or what about films of the decade such as The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Well, sadly the director who brought us such remembered films has died.  John Hughes, 59, suffered a fatal heart attack whilst on a walk in New York.  Rest in Peace.

Beckham bigger than biggest fashion label

FASHION news shock!  Victoria Beckham will not be renewing her contract with Armani.  I said Victoria Beckham WILL NOT be renewing her contract with Giorgio Armani, just in case you misread that.  The 35-year-old was earning an estimated 12 million pounds a year to show off her body in a series of saucy shots alongside husband David Beckham.  Now could this be because she has been announced as the latest name on the judging panel of X Factor…O wait I mean American Idol sorry, I get so confused sometimes it must because they are so different.  Apparently it is to concentrate on her latest fashion range, well we say good for her, 35 years old and all this going on sounds great but some down time would be nice too.

However, it is rumoured that Megan Fox is to replace her so how would she feel if her husband was tangling up with the Fox?

X Factor everywhere!

There is a lot of X Factor goss at moment and quite frankly we love it!  LAST week we announced that TV genius, Simon Cowell is trying to rope Madonna into X Factor for a bit of mentoring.  Well this week we are announcing that he has got Robbie Williams to come on the Saturday night hit reality TV series.

Robbie is looking to this as part of his big music comeback since being out in America.  The Angels star, who used to be part of Take That many many years ago, will follow in the footsteps of his ex-band mates and others such as Westlife, Britney Spears and Beyonce to mentor the X Factor finalists.  The wannabe popstars will perform hits like She’s The One and Let me Entertain You.  Well Robbie Williams will be pleased won’t he especially when he has previously admitted to watching X Factor and lovin’ it!  But who doesn’t?

By Daniele Baron

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