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Delicious Goodies From Caprera

Being a great food lover I love to try new tastes…

so when I discovered Caprera, I couldn't wait to try out the delicious goodies they offer. When my box of treats arrived, I had a few friends over who come from Wales. They instantly noticed the CNWC Crackers and were very excited to try something that came from their homeland. My welsh friends fell in love with the crackers as did I.

Next, we tried Meg's Cottage fudge and oh my… it was like heaven! This fudge is like no other I have ever tasted. As I took the first bite my mouth started watering and let's just say the rest of the packet didn't last very long. You can tell that the amazing people over at Meg's Cottage take great pride in what they do. I was born and raised in the West Country so I'm mega excited that their famous outlets are right on my doorstep. I can't wait to taste what else they offer.

I was a bit wary about trying the Cinnamon Spiced Nut Stars…

I don't normally like anything too spicy, but I'm so glad I did as they were actually more sweet than spicy. Ooomeringues added just the right amount of cinnamon to their yummy meringues and I love the way they fizz on your tongue.

When it came to trying the gingerbread, it doesn't look that appetising at all but nevertheless, I still tried it. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually tastes a lot better than it looks. It had a very rich flavour and was really moist. It wasn't my favourite item but I can imagine it would be perfect for someone who is a great lover of gingerbread.

I highly recommend heading over to and discovering all the other goodies they offer!

Delicious Goodies From Caprera

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