Hair Removal at Home: The Hairy Truth

Panasonic ES-WH90 IPL Hair Removal System

♡ 2 in 1: Hair Removal with Facial Skin Glow Enhancer 

⤜ Review ↦


RRP: £169.99 – Purchase Here. 

 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, aka PCOS, affects one in five women of childbearing age in the UK. I am one of these women. There is currently no cure, and often women have to simply learn to live with these symptoms or keep trialling various different treatments. Some of which do little more than exasperate the situation and make the symptoms worse. One of the most common symptoms of PCOS and a one which I struggle with immensely is hirsutism.

⤜ Hirsutism – Being Hairy!↦

Hirsutism is the excessive growth of facial or body hair on women. The hair is often dark and course and it often appears on the face, chest, abdomen, back, and the upper arms and legs. Basically, all of those places which are more commonly associated with male hair growth. I am blessed with hair growth in every single one of these places, lucky me! Whilst this may not seem like a big deal to most, I mean, surely I can just remove the hair, right?… wrong!

I have extremely sensitive skin which is made worse by hair removal creams and constant shaving! Even on the days where I do shave, hours after removing my hair, the familiar fuzz reappears. I feel ugly, embarrassed and unfeminine. SO I hide my face with my hair, hide my body from the world and avoid looking at myself in the mirror.

I have tried EVERYTHING but sadly nothing has worked. Professional hair removal has never been an option due to the cost. So, to say I was excited to try the Panasonic Hair Removal System is an understatement. The device claims to prevent the growth of unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home with Intense Pulsed Light. It can be used on the underarms, arms, legs, bikini-line, and there is also a separate attachment for the face.

 I eagerly awaited the arrival of it in the post.


⤜ Package Contents ↦

❥ Main Body

❥ Body Attachment

❥ Face Attachment

❥ Cap

❥ Charger

❥ Information Booklets

❥ Information regarding skin and hair suitability

I have fair skin and dark hair, both of which are suitable tones for this product.

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I didn’t choose the hairy life… the hairy life chose me.

⤜ First Impressions ↦ 

When my parcel arrived I had to refrain myself from tearing it open I was so excited. The packaging is standard; pretty much what you would expect. I had no trouble opening it and everything was nice and secure inside. The device itself is quite pretty, plain but classic looking. There is a pretty pink strip across the top and it has a smooth but textured feel which I loved. It also has a nice weight to it which makes it really comfortable to hold and use.


⤜ Getting Started ↦  

After ‘unboxing’ the device, waiting for it to charge, and then patiently waiting the required time after my skin test… I was ready to rock. I ran myself a nice bath and removed all of the hair on my legs first, following the instructions to a T. I will admit, I was a little anxious. Hair removal creams are usually my hair removal method of choice and I am more than familiar with the afterburn that accompanies it. By the time I got out of the bath I had convinced myself that this device would probably burn my legs off. I reasoned, however, that this outcome would be more desirable than continuing my life as a yeti.

With my Mother by my side, holding my hand for courage, I placed the device against my skin. Eyes wide with terror I pressed down… and… NOTHING! Well, a flash of light brighter than the sun almost fried my retina’s but absolutely no pain. It does state clearly in the instruction booklet to close your eyes and not look directly into the light but I forgot this in my self-induced panic. The relief washed over me in an awesome wave…no pain! My Mother, who I had managed to half-convince of the burning legs just had to try it too. She felt no pain either!

I continued in the same way, taking care not to stare into the light, and finished both of my legs. It took me around 30 minutes total, but since then I have grown considerably quicker. When you have been using the device for a little while it does heat up, but it is entirely manageable.

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⤜ Important Points ↦

★ The booklets which accompany the products have a lot of important information, including information on how to protect your skin – read them thoroughly before using this product!

★ This product is not suitable for people under the age of 18.

★ Charge the device thoroughly before using. It states in the booklet and on the device that this takes approximately 3 hours, which mine did.

★ Test the device on a small patch of skin and wait 48 hours before using it. When you move on to the next level carry out a 48-hour skin test each time before using it completely.

★ Cool your skin and moisturise thoroughly after using.

★ The results are not immediate. Use the device consistently at the recommended times to see results.


  ⤜ Battery Life ↦

The bulb in the device lasts for 100, flashes with each full charge giving you a total of 600 flashes. To put this into perspective for you:

★ Legs (both) – approximately 190 flashes

✮ Arms (both) – approximately 90 flashes

✯ Underarms (both) – Approximately 30 flashes

☆ Bikini-line – Approximately 30 flashes

★ Face – Approximately 40 flashes

It is recommended that you use the device on your legs and arms for two weeks for the first two months and then once every four weeks thereafter, and, on your underarms, bikini and face every week for the first two weeks and then every two weeks thereafter.


⤜ Pros and Cons ↦

✿ Things I like ✿

✔ It is pain-free.

✔ You have to hold the power button down for a few seconds before it comes on so you do not have to worry about tiny hands finding it.

✔ The battery life is fantastic.

✔ It is easy to identify when the device has finished charging. A red light appears over the charging symbol when it is charging and goes off when it has finished.

✔ In comparison to other similar devices, it is extremely affordable.

✔ It is cute and comfortable to hold.

✔ There is a separate attachment for use on the face.

✔ After minimal use, I can already notice changes.

✿ Things I don’t ✿

✖  The flash window size is small (5.4cm2 for the body, and 2.4cm2 for the face) so it can take a little while to do everywhere.

✖  The information booklets could have been more detailed


⤜ Does it Work? ↦

I have been using my device for three weeks now. I have done my legs completely three times, and my underarms a little more. I am starting to notice a change in my underarm hair. Usually, I would shave them daily, but I no longer need to. I have also started to notice some changes in my leg hair. Whilst it is still growing I do feel that it is thinner. So again, I no longer have to shave my legs as often.

This device is not something that you can use and have immediate results, however. So this is not a true account of what this device is capable of. I am excited and enthusiastic to continue using it, however. I am going to write a follow-up blog when I hit the three months mark so I can update you, and give you an honest account of how well this product works.

I am, however, hopeful and optimistic that a hair free future might be on the horizon.

To read about my personal experiences with PCOS and Hirsutism click here.


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