Have the perfect night in with the girls!

Girls night in tips.

Every so often, I like to spend a night in with my girlfriends. We go out together occasionally, but it can be expensive, plus it can be a bit boring if we do it too much… Whenever my friends come over to stay the night, I have plenty of fun activities planned, but also try to be a good host by putting on something to eat and drink.


Something light to snack on like popcorn, canapés, mini quiches or even chips with dip are great for a night in. Fondue’s also great too, as it’s perfect for sharing. If you want everyone to feel like they’re playing their own part in the night out, ask them to bring something they’ve made so you can see who the best cook is.


To make a good night in great, why not rent a movie? Whenever my friends and I get together, we always rent a trashy chick flick and always choose something from this list. The Devil Wears Prada’s one of our favourites, as it’s an undemanding and fun film that doesn’t require us to think too hard, plus it’s great after a few glasses of wine!


Every night in should come with a few drinks, and whenever I have my friends over, we have wine, cocktails, spritzers and even beer when we’re in the mood. Wine and cocktails are probably the best drinks you could have for a night in, especially if you want to keep the conversation flowing.


A night in should always involve a game or two. The last one we had involved us playing a great game of speedy bingo online on the Ladbrokes bingo site, and we plan on doing it again. We also like board games and other games such as charades where we have to use our imagination a little.

What are your favourite tips for the perfect girls night in?


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