Heroes Season 3


So we are halfway through the new series of Heroes; or Series 2, part 2 as they are calling it.

All of our favourite characters are back; some turned evil, some have stayed evil and other we just don’t understand!

Take “Bennett: The man with the horn-rimmed glasses” for example, from day one we have all been waiting for the answer; is he good or evil? We thought we knew but it turns out we don’t, I STILL DON’T HAVE THE ANSWER!

There is also the secrecy of the character REBEL… who is he or she? It’s obviously one of the old favourites but which one; could it be the mysterious Angela Petrelli, mother of Peter and Nathan whose power we have never really explored? Could it be Bennett, would he be so heartless to put his “Claire-Bear” in danger though? Is it Nathan, working against the idea that he created? Or is Claire’s birth Mum (remember Miss Fire-Hands) back from the dead?

The series so far certainly hasn’t been dull; with Nathan turning against his own people and hiring the most hideous bald headed man who wants to kill our favourite Heroes; could he be a decent match for Syler? Talking of our favourite villain, he is currently on a quest to find his real father – what will the answers hold? A fight to the death? Secrets revealed?

Of course, my most pressing question is concerning my favourite character, HIRO! When will he get his powers back?? Surely they can’t leave him normal forever?! Another of my favourite characters is a spot of bother as well, Speedster or Nemisis as she is otherwise known! Although, she is quite new to the crew she is already a massive hit and her pairing with Matt Parkman is adorable – but when will this cute couple be reunited! Come on Parkman, you have to save her!

Whatever the outcome is; Heroes is back with vengeance and I am well and truly hooked!

By Anna Louise

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