Honey Monster has teamed up with his Bee-FF’s, the honeybees, to create a new breakfast treat – Honeycomb Puffs. This new limited edition is another bee-licious take on the classic Sugar Puffs and contains honeycomb chunks to give your morning that extra ‘sting’.

Honeycomb Puffs is buzzing with vitamins and iron, contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservative and is an excellent source of fibre to give your honeybees everything they need to get the day off to a flying start.

Following on from previous limited editions, such as Spooky Puffs and the popular Banana Puffs, Honeycomb Puffs is the third limited edition cereal produced by Honey Monster Foods. Other lines in the standard edition range include Honey Waffles, Choco Waffles and Choco Puffs.

Great for kids!

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