Hot New Trends For Spring/Summer 2009!


“With spring just around the corner, the hottest trends for spring/summer 2009 are starting to emerge. The variety in this season’s looks is incredible, ranging from brights and florals to neutrals and nautical. With this recession hanging about, we’ve found the catwalk trends in your favourite high street stores, so we can all look up to date for less this summer!

Bright clothing is always on the catwalk, but this year it’s with a twist. Not only are there blinding colours but clashing colours too. All rules have been abandoned, and now pink is teamed with orange, blue is teamed with red and combinations that used to make us wince are now flying off the rails in shops everywhere. Colour blocking finalises this trend; and really it does what it says on the tin; two blocks of colour put together horizontally or vertically to create a statement look. With the credit crunch weighing down on everyone’s Jimmy Choo’s [we wish!] this vivid trend has given all of us that revitalising boost and enabled us to express our individuality with no rules or worries about ‘what goes’ and what doesn’t.

Florals are no longer just for your grandma; with designers such as Roberto Cavalli sending floral creations down the catwalk, we are rest assured this is a trend that has re-entered the fashion cycle with an air of coolness and total femininity. From big roses to tiny Liberty prints, florals come in all colours and patterns. Topshop is the perfect stop for floral items, such as skirts and underwear. For cardigans and tops, H&M has an array of quirky ‘tea party’ pieces that are perfect for summer occasions.


If you fancy getting into the summer spirit, the nautical trend has all the jollity you need. With stripes, anchor motifs, bead necklaces, gold accessories, crisp whites alongside red and blues, nautical is a popular hit every year. It appears on the catwalk every summer season, with slight twists to its form. This year, with D&G leading the way, nautical has abolished casual and has sequined its stripes, with sophisticated, glamorous and nostalgic combinations. Taking every trend such as the jumpsuit, high waisted trouser etc, and adding sailor print or colours, this trend, whether casual or sophisticated, brings back happy summer memories and is accessible for anyone of any age or style.

In contrast to these bold out-there trends, neutrals are also a big hit for this season. Beige, creams and whites provide a look that is easy to wear, classic and simple. Instead of sporting just one token nude item, this season sees head-to-toe outfits of nude. The skin tone trend has been covered by many designers such as Michael Kors and Calvin Klein this season, proving to be one of the most popular looks yet. This trend collaborates nicely with ruffles and fringing, highlighting soft romantic tones, which in turn enable quirky shapes and structures to be worn without looking over the top. Skirts with volume, jumpsuits, Grecian dresses and fitted blazers are all items that work perfectly with nude tones.
Nudes are easy to find in most High Street stores, especially if you mix and match stores and garments. Accessories such as bags also look chic in nude and beige palettes.

There are so many looks this season that there’s definitely something for everyone. In such an economical situation, fashion saves the day by providing choice, brightening stores up again with patterns and throwing away the rules to allow just about everyone access to their true style. Recession, what recession?!”

By Sarah Kwong

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