Is staying in- the new going out?


I enjoy a night out on the tiles as much as the next twenty-something but sometimes a girly night in can be a nice alternative. Cheap and easy to arrange, girly nights cover almost anything from dancing to de-stressing depending on the preferences of you and your friends. With the recession biting, staying in could easily become the new going out.

Girly night ideas are endless- here are just a few;

Pampering Nights – With home beauty kits lounges can easily be transformed into pampering parlours fit for Paris Hilton. Now spring has arrived, it’s the ideal time to set one evening a month aside to start getting yourself groomed and glowing for summer. Take it in turns to give each other manicures and pedicures and use face-masks (if you’re feeling extra creative, you could even make your own using natural ingredients). Other pampering ideas include; helping each other apply fake tan and experimenting with different make-up looks. To create a tranquil atmosphere while you work, light aromatherapy candles and put on calming music – you’ll smell and feel fab!
If you want the evening to be that extra bit special, make unique goody bags for each friend containing sweets, mini pampering goodies, a framed picture of the group of you and a gossip magazine.

Chick Flick Night– We all need one every now and then! Spread duvets and pillows around ready to snuggle down for a chick night of chilling. Dim the lights, get in bags of popcorn and candyfloss, chill the wine and indulge in some other sweet treats. Why not bake muffins? Or arrange a chocolate fountain – sure to be a popular choice!
If your girlfriends stay over make sure you have a supply of spare basic toiletries to hand (like toothbrushes) in case anyone has forgotten theirs.

Dinner Party– Designate each girlfriend you invite to provide part of the meal. For example, if there are four of you, one girl provides the starter, one the main course (normally the hostess), one the dessert and one the drinks/after dinner treats. You could theme the evening and make it formal wear if you fancy going glam or you could just keep it relaxed. Make place names on funky, brightly coloured card and invest in pretty napkins and a decorative candle as a centre-piece. You could even experiment and make fruity cocktails for your girly guests on their arrival.

Imagination is all that’s needed to make any type of girly night truly memorable. Thinking about a few simple extras can always make a difference. Why not invest in disposable cameras for your guests or hand out mini packs of chocolates?

Remember, whatever the theme make an effort to decorate your space. Sprinkle glitter over tables or the floor and place pink balloons or flowers around the room. Print pictures of your friends and stick them on the wall or if you’re holding a dinner party, use them as original, funky placemats.
Organising a girly night should be fun, you know your friends best so can tailor your evening to make sure it’s one you’ll all remember! It’s also a brilliant chance to remind your closest girlfriends how great they are and how much you love them!

Laura Mitchell

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