Jergens® Naturals™ Body Moisturisers


For over a century, America has entrusted Jergens® bodycare and its groundbreaking solutions for firm, smooth, glowing, deeply hydrated skin.  Used by some of the hottest names in Hollywood throughout the 20th century, Jergens® bodycare has always been the savvy, modern choice for women to moisturise their skin.  Now, the UK can experience Jergens® bodycare, America’s No.1 best selling bodycare range for the first time with the launch of new Jergens® Naturals™ Body Moisturisers.  The first mastige range of natural body moisturisers to deliver premium results by offering 100% of their benefits exclusively through natural ingredients.  Now there is no need to compromise, Jergens® Naturals™ bodycare is the modern way to moisturise.

Jergens® bodycare scientists have developed highly natural formulations with the finest plant-derived ingredients available to ensure the formulas are effective, affordable and completely paraben free.  Our skin is not synthetic so why treat it that way.

All products are made with high quality ingredients and are also made in the UK for low carbon miles ensuring that Jergens® Naturals™ products can deliver effective, ecologically responsible, natural products to women everywhere. Passionate about the environment, Jergens® Naturals™ Body Moisturisers are never tested on animals.

Jergens® Naturals™ bodycare spokesperson and international make up artist, Ruby Hammer says “I have been using Jergens® body moisturisers for years on models, celebrities and myself, as I believe they have a range of highly effective body moisturisers. I have been bringing it back from America in bulk for years and have managed to convert many women to the wonders of Jergens®.  With the launch of the new Jergens® Naturals™ body moisturises, I now have a clear conscience knowing I am not putting synthetic chemicals onto my clients or my own skin, but still getting the results associated with the Jergens® brand – why compromise?”

The new millennia has heralded the natural era, Jergens® Naturals™ body moisturisers are the modern, natural and seriously effective alternative to synthetic body moisturisers – there is no need to go back.

What Girlie Gossip Thought …

Packaged in chic, modern and practial desisgns Jergens® Naturals™ were a delight to use! We especially loved the Extra Softening Body Moisturiser that is enriched with Shea Butter. It smells divine and glides onto the skin leaving it feeling smooth and cared for.

Great natural products!

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