Lambrini Pink Bubbly For Xmas & New Year!

Want to treat your friends and family to a sparkling festive drink this New Year’s Eve without breaking the bank? Why not try Lambrini Pink Bubbly – it boasts all the glamour and splendour of real champagne – but for a tasty fraction of the price.

Light and fruity in flavour, Lambrini Pink Bubbly offsets the richness of those delicious canapés and is guaranteed to brighten up any New Year’s gathering. It makes a great present too – pretty, feminine and fun, it will look great as part of any gift hamper or in an alternative Christmas stocking.

Retailing at an RRP of £2.99 and at just 5.5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume), it’s lower in alcohol than most table wines, so offers a sensible but sophisticated way to enjoy the party season.

And if you like Pink Bubbly, you’re sure to enjoy the other fruity flavours from the Lambrini range – Original, Cherry, Peach and Rosé. There’s even Lambrini Light too, with 40 calories per glass, its ideal for those of you getting a head start on the New Year, New You diet.

You can check out lambrini.co.uk for all the latest news from Lambrini or join the facebook fan page facebook.com/lambrini.

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