London Fashion Week: Bora Aksu


Tuesday 24th February was show day for Bora Aksu. I arrived at the Science Museum half an hour early and it’s a good thing I did! Literally 5 minutes after I got into the queue, fashionistas began to flock to the second floor where the show was taking place at the OnOff venue. The queue meandered right back to the lifts and down the stairs. The fashion editors, special guests and socialites were ushered in first to their front row seats. Once I made it inside the venue, I couldn’t believe how packed it was with excited fans. One celeb fan in the front row was Jodie Harsh sitting next to fashion journalists. This was one of the shows I was most excited about seeing! So what did Bora Aksu have to offer?

The collection screamed edgy, dark and pretty and was inspired by the “It” girls of the Victorian era. Described as “Nomadic Victorian” in the press release, Aksu produced flirty and sinister designs that were based on intricate lace, cut out knits and spider web bonnets. There was something very playful yet dark about this collection. The hoods on the jackets were reminiscent of one that Little Red Riding Hood could have worn. With a palette of petrol blue, olive green and filthy black, we see that autumn will be edgy and gritty, but with elements of dainty nature.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show! Aksu has indeed succeeded in crafting a juxtaposed collection that has elegance with an inner rebel. The models marched down the runway to the harsh yet appropriate sound of Marilyn Manson’s Tainted Love; the ultimate crescendo to an amazing show. I really feel that Bora Aksu had the edge this season. There was beauty, attitude, honesty, admiration and drama in his collection. This show made me remember why I love British fashion and London so much. London Fashion Week showcases a new type of talent; the designers here are far more creative, exciting and truthful than some from other cities.

Words: Linh Ly

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