Look out for Echo Beach and Moving Wallpaper Starring Jason Donovan and Martine McCutcheon

Echo Beach is the new upcoming Soap Opera with a twist. It stars actress Martine McCutcheon and aussie singer/soap star Jason Donovan and is due to get its first airing on Thursday 10th January on ITV 1.

Echo Beach follows the lives of Daniel Susan and Mark whose affairs of the heart are played out amongst teenage angst, family loyalties and tested friendships. Events unfold against the backdrop of romantic Cornwall, its rugged coastline, endless beaches and handsome surfers.

Martine McCutcheon is Susan Penwarden, a woman with a past. Hugo Spear plays Mark Penwarden who will stop at nothing to run Daniel Marrack (Jason Donovan) out of Polnarren. The town’s younger residents are played by some of Britain’s hottest young talent.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this is just another run of the mill soap opera, but in fact there’s something much, much more clever going on here. You see, not only will viewers get to watch the show Echo Beach, there will be another show called ‘Moving Wallpaper’ which follows straight after. This show follows the fictional ‘behind the scenes’ filming of Echo Beach from the production office. So not only do we have a fictional soap opera but there’s a fictional behind the scenes of the show too! Confused yet?

As if that wasn’t enough to take in there’s also going to be the ‘Mole’ a secret saboteur who is filming everyone getting the real dirt and catching them out when they least expect it! These clips will be screened on ITV.Com and are set to be a humorous look at the bits you didn’t see first time round.

If they manage to pull this off this could be one of the most exciting and innovative shows to hit UK screens in a long time. The concept of a show within a show is brilliant and there are some top notch actors involved in the whole thing. Not only have you got the two main stars (Jason and Martine) but in the moving wallpaper show we have the fantastic actor Ben Miller playing the role of producer Jonathan Pope which should be really fun to watch. There are also some great younger actors including Marcus Patrick from Hollyoaks.

ITV Says that “Eagle eyed viewers will see jokes, characters and stories crossing from one show to the other” so we can expect to be kept on our toes through out both episodes. I can’t wait for this and I really hope it takes off, it’s a bold and brave new concept that looks like it could be a whole lot of fun to watch! Tune in tomorrow for the first show, and catch up with the latest happenings by visiting the official Echo Beach (and moving wallpaper) site on ITV : http://www.itv.com/Drama/contemporary/EchoBeach/default.html

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