Lulu Time Perfume – Perfect Christmas Gift For Mum!


If you are looking for something for Mum this Christmas and are running short of inspiration then we think we may have a great answer. Lulu’s new fragrance ‘Time’ is a wonderful scent that comes beautifully presented and is the ideal gift for mum’s and best friends alike.

Lulu say’s of her new fragrance: I am so proud of my new fragrance I can’t wait for you to try it! I have called it Time as this is what scent means to me – fragrance is so evocative it can transport you immediately to any time, any place in your life.  I always wanted to capture this sense, this time in a bottle . . . past, present and future.

Personally I have always been very sensitive to scents – they can shape my mood and stir long dormant memories. When I had the chance to create my own fragrance I fully embraced the opportunity. It’s a passion of mine. I have always collected fragrances – oils, candles, incense, perfumes  . . . I love to use scents to set a scene or conjure a mood.  During the holidays, I love pine and cinnamon as I am immediately whisked back to childhood Christmases, and if I have a hectic day, I love bathing in relaxing lavender.  I travel with my own blends and the first thing I do when I arrive anywhere is burn some of my favourite incense to make me feel at home.  So I spent a long time defining the scents I love – and why – and experimenting with combinations, blends and mixes.

I knew I didn’t want anything too heavy, too sweet or too fruity.  My ideal was a fragrance that was sexy – but shy!  A fragrance that made me feel happy, warm and hopeful.  It had to be modern – but with a familiarity too.  To achieve this, I combined smells that reminded me of the sixties – patchouli and a light musk – with scents from other, more recent times in my life – uplifting bergamot, an exotic spicy fragrance and an unusual, addictive pink pepper from Peru that is said to elicit a happy feeling.

I also wanted to recreate that feeling of freedom, of sun-kissed sexiness one gets on holiday so added fresh lemon and warm jasmine.  Blended together, this is for me, time captured in a bottle.

A great stand alone gift or stocking filler!

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