LUSH Christmas Gifting!


After scouring the globe for festive folklore and fairytales, Lush has been inspired to create a selection of irresistible gifts perfect for everyone you know.  There’s everything you could want, ranging from stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts, to luxurious hatboxes and tins with more than enough bath and body products to see you through to the New Year.

Choose from gifts inspired by fairytales, or those designed to epitomise Christmas cheer.  Then there are a few old favourites that make an appearance every year and a new collection of innovatively packaged gifts, introducing the use of tins and handmade natural papers on our hatboxes.

All gifts are lovingly wrapped and packed with either popcorn or a new environmentally friendly filler called Ecoflo.  Ecoflo is made from biodegradable potato starch, the waste product from a well-known crisp manufacturer!  It has similar properties to polystyrene and acts as an incredibly light and clean filler.  It makes us smile to be making good use of something that otherwise would have been thrown away.

Knot-Wrap (£3.95) … Knot-Wrap is inspired by the Japanese art of wrapping goods in cloth, using similar technique as origami.  Lush has introduced vintage scarves into shops to encourage customers to use them instead of gift-wrap.  At £3.95 each, the beautiful scarves are reusable and multipurpose.  Each year billions of plastic bags end up as litter and using reusable bags and wrap, such as Knot-Wrap, can help reduce the impact to our environment.

After giving the Knot-Wrap as a gift, the scarves can then be re-used again and again as bags to carry items in, or as fashionable head-scarves / neck-scarves etc.  The scarves are from various Vintage clothing suppliers (currently the majority are from Beyond Retro), allowing us to reuse existing fabrics rather than manufacturing our own = zero carbon footprint.


Secret Santa
(£5.00) … the ideal secret Santa gift for friends, work colleagues and generally anyone you know, contains a cute Satsumo Santa bath ballistic, that’s shaped like Santa and smells like oranges, and a star shaped piece of Snowcake soap.  All wrapped up and ready to give, it even come with a selection of cute little tags shaped like a Snowman, Penguin and Santa.  If you can’t decide which one you like best, then buy them all!

Tis the Season (£6.50) … this little gift will give you plenty of reasons to be jollier than most, containing two of Lush’s best-selling Christmas products with a foodie theme; there’s a Lush Pud bath ballistic, containing a festive mix of clove powder, benzoin and lemon peel and a 100g piece of Snowcake soap that smells like the icing from the Christmas cake.

Christmas Party (£6.95) … designed by our partners in Japan, for those who don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas but like to have a party, this little gift will help shower time go with a swing!  Happy Hippy shower gel (100g) puts the zing into showering, with lashings of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, bergamot oil and seasonal frankincense oil and Ice Blue soap (100g) will refresh with tingling peppermint oil and exfoliating sea salt.  Psychedelic wrap completes this party box.

Priced £7.50 – £10.00

You Shall go to the Ball (£7.50) … a cute polka dotted gift containing two shower products to turn all girls into veritable Cinderella’s ready for any ball … or office party.  We may not be able to turn pumpkins into coaches but we can turn skin silky smooth and softly scented.  There’s a new Fairy Tail sugar scrub, to polish and exfoliate skin leaving it silky smooth and ready to bare in that daring party dress and a Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel, to leave you smelling sweet as strawberries.

Christmas Cracker (£7.50) … sparks will fly with this fiery little cracker of a gift, containing two of Lush’s hottest products: there’s the new Cinders bath ballistic, reminiscent of the Swedish mulled wine Glug it’s scented with almonds and cherries, along with warming cinnamon leaf oil and fizzing candy to represent the crackling of an open fire; along with Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar, that’s sparkling red and made with rose oil and tangerine to rejuvenate tired bodies.  All wrapped in gold paper and tied together with red, sparkly ribbon – pull apart and you’ll find a party hat and a joke!

To Be Jolly (£8.95) … a selection of bath time products to help you through the cold, dark, winter season and keep you jolly all the way through, including the perpetually popular Mr Butterball, a cocoa butter laden bath ballistic to keep winter skin soft; Ice Blue soap (100g), with peppermint and sea salt to invigorate and awaken on cold winter mornings; and Cinders bath ballistic, to warm up cold bodies and rejuvenate tired minds.


Snow Fairy (£9.95) … for those who like all things pink and sparkly and smelling of candy.  There’s Lush’s pink, bubble-icious Snow Fairy shimmery shower gel, made with soothing vanilla; a star shaped piece of Angels Delight soap, scented with orange and tangerine oils; and a Glitterbug massage bar, to leave sparkle and a lovely fragrance on the skin.  This gorgeously girly starry pink paper is tied with a pink bow and comes with its very own jingle bell.

Best Wishes (£9.95) … a good generic gift, this one contains three festive bath fizzers to appeal to everyone.  Containing the new Satsumo Santa bath ballistic that’s shaped like Santa and smells of oranges to up-lift the spirit; Mr Butterball vanilla and cocoa butter ballistic to moisturise and soften the skin; and a new L’il Lush Pud bath ballistic, a smaller version of Lush’s classic hangover cure, with soothing aloe vera and clove powder to help combat nausea.  Nice and traditional, it’s hand wrapped with a white natural paper from India and tied together with a woven red and white ribbon.

Priced £10.00 – £15.00

Christmas Present (£12.95) … a gift full of seasonal bath time treats to see you from Christmas Eve jitters, to de-stressing and hangover cures.  Christmas Eve bubble bar will turn your bath into a calming haven of jasmine and ylang ylang bubbles, while fruity So White is a blend of both bubble bar and ballistic and will leave a covering of frothy rose and neroli scented bubbles to balance the emotions.  There’s also almond oil laden Snowcake soap and Jingle Spells bath ballistic, a fennel, juniperberry and tangerine oil reviver. Wrapped in red paper embossed with reindeer and tied together with a emblazoned with Happy Christmas in different languages.

Season’s Greetings (£14.50) … a shower set to get you ready and raring to go for the festive season.  There’s one of Lush’s super exfoliating Sugar Scrubs, to slough off dead skin cells and get the circulation going; Strawberry Santa shower jelly, a santa shaped jelly made with fresh strawberries, coconut and vanilla pod infusion; a 100g bottle of Happy Hippy shower gel, to awaken the senses after a late night with fresh grapefruit juice; and a 100g piece of Father Frost soap, inspired by a Russian fable.

Colour Me Christmas (£14.95) … a cute little house shaped box, left blank to allow the recipient to colour it in.  Like any good gingerbread house, this gift contains a pink and white stripy, vanilla scented Candy Cane bubble bar, along with Lush’s very own Christmas pudding L’il Lush Pud bath ballistic.  There’s a Mr Butterball, vanilla and cocoa butter laden snowman ballistic, along with Strawberry Santa shower jelly and Satsumo Santa ballistic.

Priced £15.00 – £20.00

Christmas Candy Box (£16.50) … a Lush favourite that’s full of sweet and bubble gum pink goodies.  There’s one of the new Fairy Tail sugar scrubs, made with fair trade sugar to exfoliate and geranium oil to boost sluggish circulation; a 100g bottle of Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel – made with fresh strawberries, softening almond oil and seasonal frankincense oil; pink and starry Angels Delight orangey fresh soap; Candy Cane pink and white bubble bar made with soothing vanilla; and the vanilla scented Snow Fairy shower gel (100g), with iridescent glitter.

Christmas Star Holiday Gift Set by LUSH

Christmas Star box (£19.95) … follow this bright and sparkly silver star all the way to Lush and you’ll find six bath ballistics to suit every occasion over the festive season.  There’s the new Cinders with orange oil to lift the spirits, almond oil to soften the skin and popping candy for added crackle; the new So White ballistic, an innovative mix of uplifting bergamot and neroli scented bubble bar and ballistic that slowly froths to produce white bubbles.  A good de-stressor for over the festive period; Jingle Spells has a blend of fennel and tangerine to detox; while the lemongrass laden Avobath will help you wake up in the morning; Big Blue has detoxing sea salt and seaweed; and Supernova is a party in the bath, with uplifting orange and lime oils with a splash of real cognac and party streamers.

Happy Christmas (£19.95) … six festive bath and shower treats to keep you happy throughout the Christmas season.   There’s three bath ballistics for every occasion: mandarin scented Satsumo Santa to help uplift the spirits and get you in the mood to party; warming and fruity Cinders to help see off the cold and the fennel and juniperberry oil hangover cure, Jingle Spells.  Snowcake and Karma soaps are both best-sellers and there’s also the new Christmas Eve bubble bar, made with ylang ylang and jasmine to help relax and unwind.  All wrapped up in shiny red foil paper and a multicoloured fabric ribbon.

Priced £20.00 – £30.00

Jolly Holly Days (£24.95) … a good one for those who may not celebrate Christmas, but like a good celebration anyway!  Contains the cognac laden Snow Showers shower jelly, chill before use and use as a skin shocking treatment to cleanse and soften with orange and cognac; Rub Rub Rub stimulating sea salt shower gel and The Olive Branch shower gel with olive oil and mandarin juice; the new Sexy Boy massage bar, made with softening cocoa and shea butters and almond oil; Sugar Scrub to scrub away the excesses of the season; minty and refreshing Ice Blue soap (100g); and a Too Drunk emotibomb, to wake you up the morning after the night before.


Stardust (£24.95) … pink and delightfully girly, this gift is full of as many pink, sweet and glittery products you can imagine.  Containing a new Fairy Tail sugar scrub, with fair trade sugar to polish the skin and geranium oil to boost the circulation; Snow Fairy shower gel that’s candyfloss pink with a magical scent and a brush of iridescent glitter; a moon shaped Angel’s Delight soap; sweet and stripy Candy Cane bubble bar; pink and sparkly Double Fast Luck emotibomb scented with Lush’s best-selling patchouli, orange and lavendin Karma; new Snow Fairy solid perfume with the same vanilla infused scent as the shower gel; and new Star bath melt also scented with the Snow Fairy fragrance.  Wrapped in bright pink paper emblazoned with shooting stars and tied with a silver lamé ribbon.

Bathtime Favourites (£24.95) … a tin full of nine bath ballistics, Lush’s classic invention which fizz around the bath emitting the finest ingredients and essential oils.  There’s a festive selection of L’il Lush Pud, So White and Cinders, along with the Lush classics Butterball, Blackberry Bath Bomb, Avobath, Big Blue, Think Pink and Honey Bee.  There’s one to suit every mood and occasion.  The tin is decorated with a wintry country scene and a robin.

Merry Christmas (£29.95) … treat someone to a very merry Christmas with this beautiful gift full of festive and year round treats.  There’s a selection of bath ballistics and bubble bars to get you ready for the festivities, including a sugar scrub to exfoliate away the excesses of the season.  There’s also a hangover cure in Jingle Spells bath ballistic, better than an Alka-Seltzer to fizzle away headaches and aching limbs.  Wrapped in handmade red natural paper, that’s designed by our Lush designers and printed in Nepal by a co-operative.  It’s tied with a paper gold ribbon and looks as super natural as its contents.
Contains: Ceridwen’s Cauldron luxury bath melt, Vanilla Delite body lotion (100g), Sugar Scrub, Jingle Spells bath ballistic, Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar, Let The Eat Cake lip balm, Snowcake soap (100g), So White bath ballistic.

From … With Love (£29.95) … fill in the dots here and give this beautiful Russian designed hatbox to someone with love.  Containing a decadent selection of Lush shower and body products, to delight and thrill and leave the lucky recipient shaken but not stirred.  It’s tied together with a red ribbon and sealed with a Russian doll tag.
Contains: Snow Fairy shower gel (100g), Double Fast Luck emotibomb, Angels Delight soap (100g), Heavenilli massage bar, Snowshowers shower jelly, Sugar Babe sugar scrub, Father Frost soap (100g), Honey Trap lip balm.

Sweet and Dreamy (£29.95) … this gift is exactly what it says on the tag, a sweet selection of Lush products to calm and relax you into the land of Nod.
Contains: Comforter bubble bar, Dreamtime bath melt, Dream Cream (100g), Honey I Washed the Kids soap (100g), Therapy massage bar, Waving Not Drowning bath ballistic, Ring of Roses shower butter cream, Vanilla Fountain bath ballistic.

Priced £30.00 – £50.00

Fairytale (£32.95) … everything you need to bathe happily ever after.  Be whisked off to the land of fairytales with this hatbox full of bath and body treats to make you irresistible to any Prince Charming.  There’s the apple scented So White bath ballistic, that slowly fizzes and froths around the tub leaving a blanket of snow white bubbles; a fizzing and crackling Cinders bath ballistic; a Fairy Tale sugar scrub, to leave skin polished and sweetly scented; and even your own piece of Porridge soap, saving any unfortunate misunderstandings with bears!
Contains: Satsumos Santa, Jingle Spells, Cinders, So White and Mr Butterball bath ballistics; Fairy Tail sugar scrub; Snow Fairy shower gel (100g); Let Them Eat Cake lip balm; Porridge soap (100g); Shimmy Shimmy glitter bar.

12 Days of Christmas (£34.95) … twelve Lush products to see you through Christmas, including brand new Cinders and So White bath ballistics for a Pantomime in the bathtub!  There’s also the new Want to Believe bath melt and Satsumo Santa ballistic. The only thing missing is a partridge in a pear tree, and you’ll find that on the wrap of this fabulously festive gift.
Contains: Cinders bath ballistic, So White bath ballistic, Jingle Spells bath ballistic, Christmas Eve bubble bar, Christmas Party bath ballistic, Lush Pud bath ballistic, Snowcake soap (100g), Satsumo Santa bath ballistic, Mr Butterball bath ballistic, Candy Cane bubble bar, Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar, Want to Believe bath melt.

Winter Wonderland (£49.95) … a beautiful white hatbox container, with red velvet snowflakes embossed all over it, all tied together with a gorgeous satin red ribbon.  Lock yourself away from the world and create your own winter wonderland of pampering with these hand and body treats.
Contains: Rub Rub Rub shower gel (100g), Snow Fairy shower gel (100g), Up You Gets emotibomb, Happy Hippy shower gel (100g), Porridge soap (100g), Snowcake soap (100g), Helping Hands hand cream, Snowshowers shower jelly, Sugar Scrub, Let Them Eat Cake lip balm, Vanilla Puff dusting powder, Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, Double Fast Luck emotibomb, Fairy Tail sugar scrub.


Priced £50.00 plus

Christmas Eve (£64.95) … a gorgeous hatbox overflowing with each of the Christmas products, every day will be as exciting as Christmas Eve with this gift!  It’s a veritable collection of festive fizzers, potions and lotions to work magic on your skin and seasonal bubbles to keep you looking and feeling your best.
Contains: Angels Delight moon shaped soap, Cinders bath ballistic, Jingle Spells bath ballistic, Satsumo Santa bath ballistic, Double Fast Luck emotibomb, Christmas Party bath ballistic, Snow Shower shower jelly, Sexy Boy massage bar, Candy Cane bubble bar, Christmas Eve bubble bar, Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar, Snow Fairy shower gel (100g), Let Them Eat Cake lip balm, Father Frost soap (100g), Star bath melt, L’il Lish Pud bath ballistic, Mr Butterball bath ballistic, Want to Believe bath melt, Snowcake soap (100g).

Lush Christmas gifts and single treats are available at Lush shops nationwide.  For shop details and mail order, call 01202 668 545. Or, order on-line at

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