Mamma Mia Movie Review

OK So we were a little late getting to see this one at the cinema recently but my god was it worth the wait! Totally cheesy, insanely funny and a real ‘feel good’ movie that had the whole audience clapping along at the end of the showing, I’m only sad I didn’t rush out to see this movie sooner! Click after the jump to keep reading…

The film is based on the stage show Mamma Mia! And focuses on the life of Donna (Meryl Streep) and her young daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) who is about to get married. Not knowing who her father is, but wanting him to be there for her special day she invites the 3 possible suspects along in hope of figuring it out before the big day arrives! The 3 men come in the most gloriously gorgeous form of Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan and Stellan Skarsgård and are all perfectly suited to their individual roles.

Sure, the movie is cheesy, and I don’t just mean the odd moment of cheese here and there either I really do mean pure cheese from start to finish, but that’s of course what you’d expect and in fact call for from an ABBA musical isn’t it? Meryl Streep delivers a fantastic performance as Donna, and her rendition of The Winner Takes it All was emotional and completely wonderful from start to finish. Pierce Brosnan’s vocal talents left a bit to be desired but it was all taken in the spirit of the movie.

Julie Walters was seriously amazing in this film, with perfect comic timing and a brilliant rendition of ‘If you change your mind’ at the end of the movie she managed to shine alongside Meryl Streep as one of the best characters in the film. Amanda Seyfried should also be mentioned for her fun, energetic performance and beautiful singing voice!

I am of course speaking from a women’s perspective here, as my husband who came with me and my daughter to watch the movie absolutely hated it! You can read a review from a male’s perspective by keeping an eye on DamnThatsAwesome for his not so positive review of the film!

Have you watched Mamma Mia? Use the box below to reply and tell us if you loved it or hated it! We want to know your favourite scenes, the funniest moments and just what really stood out for you in this great fun filled summer movie!

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