MUGS – The New Men’s Fashion Trend?

Orlando Bloom, Joey Essex and Ben Affleck have all been spotted wearing male Ugg boots, aka ‘MUGS’ – Peacocks, the UK’s hottest value fashion retailer is taking the metro sexual trend a step further this Autumn Winter with the launch its first ever Ugg boots for men, which will go on sale in September priced at just £12.50.

The latest new footwear trend has emerged since celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, Joey Essex, Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt have all recently been spotted wearing the short version of the Ugg boots.

Peacocks is also launching a Body Trim Vest (£8) for men in November 2011 which is set to rival the costly Spanx for men range and make it more accessible to the metro sexualites of Britain.

As a nation, British men have become more receptive to male grooming and fashion than ever before. The man bag was a huge hit in 2009 and the Ugg boot is becoming a fast growing trend for men since the male celebrity world has proved them to be a staple wardrobe must-have.

In a recent poll by Peacocks of over 3,000 men and women, it revealed that 90 per cent of men admitted to dressing only for themselves and not for their partners. It also exposed that 66 per cent of men dress down to the workplace now as opposed to 10 years ago when the trend for fashion was much more formal.

In May 2011 Peacocks sold a record EIGHT pairs of floral swim shorts every minute after Joey Essex was spotted wearing the leg hugging shorts.

Emma Hill, Peacocks Head of Menswear said: “This season’s male Ugg boots have taken men’s fashion to a new level of metro sexual style.  Our customers love to follow the latest celebrity styles without breaking the bank and we’re confident the “Muggs” will be a great success.”

Peacocks black Uggs boots for men, £12.50, will be available in store and at from mid September.

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