Must-read Reasons You Need to Visit the South of France

France is a comparatively large country next to many of the others in Europe, but there's a part of it that many people love over anywhere else, and that's the south. The south-east is particularly well-love, especially the region of Provence and the Cote d'Azur. There are lots of reasons to love it, and it's the perfect destination for a summer holiday. It's a beautiful region, with diverse landscapes, gorgeous food and plenty of history and culture  to explore. If you've never been, you should try to make it your next holiday. Here are some incredible reasons you should make your way to the French Riviera this summer.

The Weather

If there's one reason to go to the south of France in the summer, it's the beautiful weather. It's hot, but it's not so boiling that you can't move. It's the perfect temperature for spending time on the beach or exploring the local area. You can sit outside a restaurant or cafe enjoying the sun or the shade, or you can lounge poolside when you stay in a hotel or gite. There can sometimes be wind or rain, but usually the weather is stunning.



Beautiful Views

There's lots to see in the region, whether you prefer looking out to see or walking through the countryside. There are cities, towns and villages, so you can explore all kinds of landscapes. Walk along a cliff path or drive from town to town, taking in the scenery along the way. You'll see peaceful bays along the coast and tiny villages with colourful houses, as well as historical structures like castles and bridges.

Different Places to Stay

Just like many other places, you can do the south of France your way. Sure, there are some parts that are more expensive, such as Saint-Tropez, but you can stay on a budget too. Whether you're looking for designer villas, country cottages or camping grounds, you'll find something that suits you and the amount you can afford to spend.

Style and Class

You can't accuse the south of France of being trashy. It's oozing with style and sophistication, no matter where you go. You'll find a laid back attitude to life during the summer. Everyone is busy enjoying the sun, sea and sand – and not to mention the food and drink. If you have some extra money to spend, you can shop in chic boutiques, hire a fast car and even hang out with celebrities if you go to the right places. But if you can't afford all that, there's no harm in just looking.


One of the best things about the region has to be the food. Not only is it amazing, with plenty of seafood available, but it's excellent value too. You can go to expensive restaurants if you want to, but it's just as easy to get a delicious two-course meal for only a few euros. Why pay for Michelin-starred restaurants when you can get gourmet cooking wherever you go?

If you haven't planned your summer holiday yet, you should seriously consider getting down to the south of France. You won't regret spending a week or two in the beautiful region.


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