My Blue Nose Friends – the latest playground craze!


Blue noses are going to be everywhere this autumn and not just because of the turn in the weather. My Blue Nose Friends, from the creators of the ever-popular Tatty Teddy, are going to be THE toy to collect in the run up to Christmas.

Already a playground favourite with five My Blue Nose Friends sold every minute, this craze will only get crazier once the news that the Jonas Brothers each have their own gets out.

So if you know a Joe Jonas fan make sure Chip the zebra (the cheeky friend who loves making people laugh) is the one you surprise them with. On the other hand, if they hold a torch for Nick, Gum Gum the koala with his gentle nature (and love of sleep) is the one for them. And if their favourite Jonas Brother is Kevin then Konker the hedgehog will be the one they want to be cuddling down with at night!

Even if your kids aren’t Jonas Brothers fans, with 31 different friends to collect, and more regularly added to the rapidly growing family, there’s a My Blue Nose Friend to suit everyone. Does your daughter walk around in a daydream all day? Then Honey the bumble bee is the one for her. Or do you know a cheeky monkey who loves to be the centre of attention? Then they’re guaranteed to get on like a house on fire with Coco the monkey.

Everyone needs friends and these beautifully handcrafted gifts are sure to make a brilliant new best friend. And what’s more, from just £5 per friend, they won’t break the bank.

Visit today to see the full range of My Blue Nose Friends.

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