Pharmaton Capsules


Keep your vital energy in balance! A special supplement to increase your mental and physical well-being. Pharmaton® contain a carefully blended mixture of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and the standardized G115® ginseng extract.

Pharmaton® is designed to improve your physical capabilities and helps the body cope with exhaustion and fatigue caused by stress. G115® influences the energy utilisation – thus reducing the fatigue – mainly as a consequence of the increased oxygen uptake capacity. The extract also acts on the central nervous system and helps minimise stress, physical and mental tension. Furthermore, ginseng G115® positively affects the immune system.

The efficacy of Pharmaton® has been proven in various clinical trials. They document the improvement in physical and mental capacity – and prove that it works!

Ginseng G115®

Ginseng is a medicinal plant known for more than 4.000 years. Intensive research using modern and sophisticated methods has been carried out during the last 30 years to study its effects and components. Several qualities and types of ginseng exist. In Pharmaton® the standardised ginseng G115® is used.

Ginseng G115® influences positively the immune system and increases the body’s resistance to stress and fatigue.

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