Phones 4 Loo as 75% of Brits take their phone to the toilet.

75% of young Brits can't go to the loo without taking their phones.
Nearly half Brits spend more time in bed on the phone than having sex.
A quarter of men have delayed sex in order to use their phones.

A massive 73% of people aged 25-30 confess they can’t do without their mobile in the bathroom, with men being the worst culprits (of course). Half (48%) of British people spend more time on their phones than they do playing sports or exercising in a typical week, and 42% say they spend more times on their phones than they do having sex.

Corinne Sweet, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Writer and Broadcaster, comments: “It's clear that many of us are glued to our gadgets in an almost addictive way these days. Whilst our phones are an essential part of life, our unthinking dependency on them is actually getting in the way of being intimate, including even having sex.  

The problem is that incessant phone use, and abuse, interferes with the communication flow.  It can also erode trust, honesty and closeness between partners, friends and family. Taking a phone-break, especially in the bedroom (alone or with someone special) is definitely important for both our mental health and well-being.”

Are you or your partner a bit of a Phone Loo kinda person?

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