Playground Craze? Bumpeez!

Bumpeez mania is set to sweep the nation as the toy that is widely tipped to be the UK’s next big collectible playground craze launches at over 40,000 shops across the UK and Ireland today.

Retailers are going absolutely crazy for Bumpeez with Hamley’s the world’s most famous toy store publicly declaring  “the next playground craze has landed” and The Entertainer, the UK’s largest independent toy retailer saying “We loved them the minute we saw them.We are certain that kids will go mad for Bumpeez!”

Over 50 million Bumpeez are forecast to be sold in the next 3 years.  7 million Bumpeez are being shipped for the initial launch alone and 15 million Bumpeez are expected to be sold in the next 12 months that if laid end to end would reach from London to Paris.

So what are Bumpeez?  Bumpeez consists of two parts – a circular chip featuring a cool character, which is encased in a highly tactile, removable silicon ring that comes in a variety of different shapes, colours and sizes.  When the chip is in the ring the Bumpee can be bounced against walls and used to play more than 25 games and perform tricks with the different shaped rings requiring a varying degree of skill to bounce.   There are over 100 characters to collect including special limited edition gold, silver and swirly Bumpeez.

Bumpeez also boasts a super cool online element via the official Bumpeez website which also launches today.  Kids can play in the Bumpeez virtual world and access various games and exclusive content by scanning their chips via their online webcam. Kids can also build their Bumpeez collection online by visiting their virtual ‘Bumpeez Album’ and scanning their Bumpeez chips which sends and transforms the chips digitally to the website, to then be placed in their very own online collectors album.

Unique in the sheer volume of fun you can have for just £1.99 a pack, Bumpeez will ensure hours of fun for kids this summer.

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