Pretty Party Feet this Winter

christmas party shoes
With Christmas just a few weeks away, it is time to step out of those winter boots in favour of party heels that were made for dancing! During the colder months many of us may neglect our feet when carrying out our beauty regime – meaning that our feet really aren’t party-ready once Christmas rolls around.

Step out in stunning shoes with that perfectly polished pedicure by following these winter footcare tips…

Exfoliate & Moisturise

During the summer months we really do look after our feet – making sure they look fabulously smooth and cared for when we wear our stylish gladiator sandals – however, throughout winter we can easily forget about our feet, hiding them away in cosy boots. When neglecting our feet, they can become susceptible to dry skin around the toes and heels. To remedy this, there are plenty of footcare products for winter that can help to banish dry skin. Foot files and pumice stones are winter essentials for exfoliating areas of dry skin – if you are using a foot file, remember to only use it on dry feet to avoid tearing the skin. After you have completely exfoliated your feet, washed and then dried them, keep feet hydrated by covering them generously with a soothing moisturiser. Leaving feet in comforting gel socks overnight will leave them feeling even more hydrated.

Book a Pedicure

Now that your feet are feeling beautifully smooth, it’s time to give your toenails a little extra TLC. If you’re on a budget, you can easily perform an at-home pedicure. Start by filing the toenails into shape, and then take a cuticle stick to lightly push back the cuticles. Any long-lasting pedicure involves a protective base coat, and then a colour of your choice and then a glossy top coat – remember to leave time for the nails to dry between coats. If you really fancy treating yourself before a glam occasion, why not go and have a professional pedicure and matching manicure at a local nail salon?

Choose the Perfect Pair

Now that your feet are pretty, smooth and polished to perfection, it is time to pick those party heels! From glittery heels to dramatic skyscraper high platform heels, a pair of high heels will top off all of your favourite party looks – from skater dresses to glam sequin dresses!

Keep Feet Comfy

If you plan on partying all night long, you want to make sure that you step with comfort. Gel heel inserts online are one way of keeping your feet comfortable when you wear heels. Designed to fit discreetly into your favourite high heels, gel inserts provide targeted support – so you really can dance the night away without the foot and heel pain that some people may encounter when they wear high heels.

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