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With ‘Blue Monday’ (most depressing day of the year 18th Jan) out of the way we all want to be making ourselves feel and look better and with everyone feeling the financial pinch its likely running outside will be at the top of the exercise agenda. Outside running is a great way to exercise, lose weight and importantly is ideal for improving mental wellbeing. However, first timers should take care as wearing the wrong kit will not only bring disappointment in performance it can also lead to injury. To help people in the right direction experts at have provided their five top tips to get people started and have shared their recommendations on the best running clothing for beginners.

Top Five Tips to get you started

1.   The Kit. You old tennis trainers just won’t do. The important part of the kit is your running shoes. Ideally you should go to a running specialist to get your gait assessed. The specialists will be able to tell you what shoes are best for you so you avoid injury.

2.    The Run. If you haven't run for a while then make sure you start slowly with a mile or so, you might also want to run / walk at intervals. Gradually build up your mileage adding no more than 10% per week.

3.    Company. Find a friend to run or train with or join a club. It makes it much more fun and even harder to quit!

4.    Weight Target. “I will be a size 10!” Have a goal. Aim to be a certain size or weight, and put reminders around the house, especially on the fridge door.

5.       Distance Target. If weight isn’t an issue for you why not sign up for a race, even if it’s just a 5km fun run. Again, having a clear goal is so important, but a deadline makes it that bit clearer and important.


Essential ‘Entry level’ Kit

1.    Saucony Grid Gemini Running Shoe is best selling beginners shoe. It’s great for both road and off-road running as it features Grid cushioning as well as a dual purpose outsole so if you’re still undecided on gym or outdoor running this is the shoe for you.  It’s also half price at at just £24.99

2.    Lite Sports Run/Bike Jacket. This is the perfect jacket for beginners. It’s useful for both running and cycling as its lightweight and will protect you from the elements. £14.99

3.    New Balance T-Shirt. To stay cool and comfortable when you run you should wear a lightweight and breathable top. New Balance has a great range but this short sleeve T-Shirt is ideal for first time runners. It’s lightweight and promises to keep you cool and dry at all times all for just £9.99!

4.    Ron Hill Trackster Elite GT Running Pants. These leggings are an excellent multi-purpose pant. They feature fantastic moisture wicking qualities and best of all are only £9.99

5.    Easy grip drinking bottle takes the hassle out of drinking whilst you run. It holds approximately 1/2 a pint and is a bargain at £1.99

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