Shipwrecked is Back – Watch Episode 1 Free


Shipwrecked is back! Watch the first episode of the new series from Fri 28th March exclusively at…

Shipwrecked is back, and this time we’re giving you the chance to meet the new islanders before anyone else with an exclusive online premiere from the 28th March 2008.

Two tribes will spend three months fighting it out to win £100,000 in prize money. The island inhabitants will have to compete for the attention of new arrivals and make difficult decisions designed to threaten the very core of their idyllic community.

This year a new set of rules and twists promises to bring, intrigue, tears and deceit and more drama than ever before.

It may be paradise, but the gloves are off and it’s every castaway for themselves in the ultimate battle of the islands.

Head to for your chance to catch the first episode as well as unseen videos, contestant profiles, diaries and much more…


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