Soda Stream: Romantic Red ‘Source’

Red Sodastream Source

We all remember Sodastream don't we? Most of us owned one years ago when they were first released. What you might not realise though, is that they are back and come in a fantastic range of colours, including this sassy, bright red!

Create your very own bubbles of love this Valentine’s Day with a romantic red drinksmaker from SodaStream. Sodastream have an amazing selection of drinks available to choose from now, and they are worlds away from their old designs and standard selection of syrups. We LOVE the lemonade and the cherry flavour in particular!


Source, created by globally-renowned designer Yves Béhar, is the perfect sharing gift for you and your partner. You can even make midnight mojitos and sweet strawberry bubbles with our soda mix flavours and keep the romance flowing all night.


Source’s innovative new design features include a ‘snap and lock’ bottle system, meaning drinks making is quicker, easier and more intuitive, while an LED display provides instant visual feedback on the level of carbonation. One gas canister will produce 60 litres of fizz, which can be enjoyed with more than 60 different soda mix flavours.


Source is available from, John Lewis and Currys, starting at just £99.99 (RRP)

Valentine's Day Sodastream Red

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