St. Stefanus

St Stefanus is the perfect gift for the beer aficionado in your life, it is an unpasteurised high fermentation beer that is refermented in the bottle. It is brewed using three different yeasts, one of which is the Jerumanus Yeast strain from Sint Stefanus, which gives the beer its distinctive flavour. After brewing, the beer is stored for a minimum of three months before cellar release.

The bottles are then stored at 24ºC for two weeks, allowing the secondary fermentation to begin. Once the bottles are removed from the refermentation room, they are stored at cellar temperature for a minimum of three months to develop the distinctive flavour. The beer will continue to mature in the bottle until it is opened, meaning you can choose to drink it just how you want it.

Authentic Belgian Abbey Beer, St Stefanus, is now available at Majestic and will offer UK consumers a new and unique beer experience. Combining tradition with brewing expertise.St Stefanus is brewed and bottled in Belgium by Master Brewer, Jef Versele. Jef Versele's family has over six generations worth of brewing experience. It is this extensive heritage and expertise that ensures St Stefanus is created using the finest ingredients and expert techniques.

After brewing, the unpasteurised beer is stored for three months before released from the cellar to allow it to develop deep and complex aromas. At three months, St Stefanus has a fresh and fruity taste and at 18 months of maturation, it develops a deep golden colour offering a beer with aromatic flavours.

Each bottle of St Stefanus is signed by Jef Versele, the Master Brewer, and also features the release date, so you can choose the beer’s age and consume it at your preferred taste.

UK beer lovers looking for something a little different are sure to appreciate the mature, deep taste of this authentic beer.

St. Stefanus  – 7% ABV – 330 ml and  750ml – RRP £2.95 and £8.95

Available from selected Majestic stores and  online www.st-stefanus-shop.co.uk

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