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Star Trek Movie Review From A ‘Trekkie’ Virgin!


I had better start by explaining this review is written by a complete and utter virgin to the “Trekkie” world.

On Friday night I was dragged to the cinema by my boyfriend to see the opening of “Star Trek”. I admit I was very unsure of this, as my memory of any Star Trek could only be summed up with the term “geeky”. However, I will gladly admit I was pleasantly surprised…

This film, which I predict will be a massive blockbuster, revolves around sexy, reckless Kirk (Chris Pine), who loves to rebel against the “Starfleet Academy” he is enrolled in, along with his sidekick Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.

The team’s firsts mission onboard the ship is to investigate a distress call from the Planet Vulcan; home to first officer onboard, Spock (Zachary Quinto/Sylar from Heroes), but Kirk soon recognises the situation to be identical to the one 25 years ago that caused the death of his father and manages to convince the Captain that they are heading towards a trap; although his rival for the beautiful Uhura, Spock, isn’t quite so supportive of the attention-seeking Kirk. However, in a tearful and shocking turn of events Spock and Kirk team up to take on Nero, the twisted and evil leader of the Narada ship, in order to save Earth.

This film was extremely action-packed from the opening scene to the very end, the rivalry between Spock and Kirk makes great viewing – with Spock the strong-silent type and Kirk the arrogant, rowdy one, this showed talented acting and it definitely helped they are both great eye candy! However, the return of “Leonard Nimoy” the original Spock and Bones, “Karl Urban” definitely made the film for Star Trek fans.

It has an excellent balance of gripping fight scenes, a special mention to the fight on a drill that had my heart beating a million times a minute, and suspenseful emotional moments that had tears filling my eyes.

A touch of Hollywood didn’t go amiss though with a special cameo from Simon Pegg as Scotty, the very Scottish Chief Engineer of the Enterprise, who added some laugh out loud moments that ensured my boyfriend and I both left the cinema reeling from the intensity and brilliance that the film created.

Recently, I have found that films have either been done time and time again or just lack any authentic storyline but Star Trek I found to be original, interesting, unpredictable within it’s twist and exciting; but most importantly it seemed to go down well with the Star Trek fans; my boyfriend being one of them, who quoted “Star Trek + Hollywood = wicked”!

So girls, if your boyfriend is desperately trying to convince you to see “Star Trek” rather than “The ghosts of girlfriends past” tonight, then I promise you it’s worth the £6.00 and 10 minutes of adverts!

Enjoy and as always, thanks for reading.

Anna Louise

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