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Start Getting Ready for Father’s Day Early with These Inspiring Gift Ideas

Mother's Day might have just passed, but we still have a few month's to go before Father's Day rolls around. Dads can be tough to shop for, so start thinking about his present now, and you're sure to think of something before June. Everyone's father is different, but there are lots of different categories you can consider for his gift, depending on what you want it to say. Perhaps you wish to encourage one of his hobbies, help him take some time to relax or even just say thank you for being there for you through your life. If you're always stuck for ideas, make sure this year you're full of them with the advice below.


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Say Thank You

Sometimes a Father's Day gift just has to say, “Thank you for being my Dad.” Of course, the classic way to do it is with a mug, either personalised or with a slightly cheesy slogan proclaiming him the world's best dad. But there are other things you can do too, including a range of other personalised gifts. Get him a bottle of wine with his name on it, a pair of cufflinks or an engraved pint glass.

Help Him Get in Touch with His Sensitive Side

As most people know, men often find it hard to talk about their feelings. In fact, it's such a significant problem that the suicide rate among men is very high. So it's our duty to let them know that they're allowed to get in touch with their sensitive side now and then and express their emotions. You don't have to buy your dad a manly, macho present every year. Choose an interesting book, some skin products or a box of chocolates. Maybe you know he has a soft spot for romantic comedies or that he would appreciate a bunch of flowers more than your mum would.

Let Him Relax

Dads are often always busy, even when they've retired. If your dad can't seem to sit down for five seconds, whether it's out of choice or necessity, give him a gift to help him relax. Have a look at some of the Boxt gifts and hampers that have some great ideas for encouraging him to take a break. A basket with a hot water bottle, bath products and posh tea will certainly send him the right message.

Make Him Laugh

Lots of women say they share a sense of humour with their dad, even if sometimes his jokes are a bit too “Dad joke” for your liking. If you love laughing together, get your dad something you can both have a good giggle over. It could be a novelty gift, something that relates to an inside joke or even a funny book.

Support His Hobby

If you're completely stuck for inspiration, think about what he enjoys doing and get him something related to it. If he likes golf, get him a subscription to a golfing magazine. Buy a gardening gadget for your green-fingered dad or a recipe book for someone who likes cooking.

There's still plenty of time left to come up with the perfect present for this Father's Day. Get your thinking hat on and come up with something to beat all your previous gifts.



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