Summer Money Saving with Girlie Gossip!

Summer seems to be on its way at last and as well as enjoying the sun, this year I’m sure we’re all thinking about tightening our purse strings and looking for the easiest ways to save money and do things a little more cheaply!

It’s not always easy to keep the finances under control during summer, especially with the kids off for a whole 6 weeks and needing entertaining! With that in mind, Girlie Gossip have put together some top tips for how you can spend wisely this summer and hopefully save yourself some pennies in the process.

1) Instead of taking a holiday abroad, why not take the family somewhere in the UK that is cheaper but just as much fun. There are so many holiday parks and camp sites in the UK that cater amazingly well for couples and families that a UK holiday can be just as fun (if not more so!) than a holiday abroad. Booking is easy and if you apply for a credit card you can book things in advance and rest assured that everything is in hand.

2) Budget shopping doesn’t have to mean lower quality. Keep the freezer stocked with great food by buying special offers in bulk and keeping your eyes open for a good bargain! Many stores are offering some great summer deals for BBQ and outdoor dining this year so take advantage of these rather than buying full price!

3) Summer clothes don’t have to cost a fortune. Hunt through the local charity shops for items you can customise or look for clothes that you know will last you through the entire summer. A good maxi dress, some flowing tops and shorts are a must and can be made to look more expensive by using eye catching jewellery and accessories.

4) Entertaining the kids can be a nightmare during summer months but if you have young children you’ll often find that the best toys and activities are the ones they create themselves. A good arts and crafts drawer for the kids, filled with cardboard boxes, paints and supplies will be invaluable. It’s also much easier to clean up if you set up a table outside for play times in the shade!

5) Lastly, there are plenty of online savings to be made if you keep your eyes open. More and more companies are offering special online discounts and offers and even booking your holidays or doing your shopping can be made cheaper online if you shop around for the best deals. Do your research and shop around before you buy to ensure that you’re getting the very best deal this summer!

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