Sweet Treats for Christmas from Sainsbury’s

Food and drink from Sainsbury's for Christmas

No doubt most of our lovely readers are  well and truly getting in to the Christmas spirit now, and with that in mind, we’re looking at some top picks for festive treats from various supermarkets to help inspire you before you do your big Christmas food shop!

Here’s what we love from Sainsbury’s right now and why. Look out for top deals and big savings everywhere the closer it gets to the big day….

The BEST Christmas pudding ever!

Sainsbury’s Hidden Cherry Centre Christmas Pudding, Taste the Difference.

This has to be the most luxurious, over the top Christmas pudding that we’ve seen yet and we LOVE it. A real treat that would look amazing on the Chistmas table, and taste just as great.

Biscuit Boxes

Sainsbury’s Chocolate Biscuit Selection

Chocolate biscuit selection – a selection of delicious milk, dark & white chocolate coated biscuits. Typically 30 biscuits in a pack.

Sainsbury’s Hero Shortbread Selection

A selection of shortbread shapes and dark chocolate chip shortbread rounds

8 varieties of shortbread shapes & dark chocolate chip shortbread rounds. Typically 34 biscuits.

Sainsbury’s Viennese Biscuit Selection

Viennese biscuit selection – a selection of sandwich creams, chocolate and plain Viennese biscuits. Typically 35 biscuits, 10 varieties

10 Varieties of cream, chocolate and plain Viennese biscuits.

Mince Pies to go mad for!

Sainsbury’s Brandy Rich Mini Mince Pies, Taste the Difference

All butter pastry with a mincemeat & brandy filling

All butter pastry filled with sweet fruity mincemeat and a dash of brandy…it’s Christmas in a pie

Sainsbury’s Clementine & Cranberry Mince Tarts, Taste the Difference

6 shortcrust pastry clementine and cranberry mincemeat tarts toopped with an Almond Streusel. A wonderful take on the traditional mince pie!

Pick up all of these along with plenty of meats, veg and festive tipples for the big day at Sainsbury’s stores or online: www.sainsburys.co.uk

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