The Perfect Christmas Tipple: Jura Whisky

Jura Superstition Whisky

Jura distillery has Christmas all wrapped up this year with its award-winning Superstition whisky, which comes with a generous measure of good fortune for all lucky recipients.

Superstition, with its mysterious spirit, unique style and character, has a subtle taste of spice, honey, pine, peat and a whisper of smoke – ideal flavours to complement the festive season.

The community of Jura, known as Diurachs, regard the island as a place of myth, legend and intrigue and for thousands of years good fortune and mystery has enhanced island life.

In recognition of these mythical qualities, the Egyptian symbol of good fortune and immortality, the Ankh cross, is displayed on the front of every bottle of Superstition. Islanders believe everyone can enjoy some good fortune by holding the Ankh cross firmly in the centre of your palm while pouring the malt.

Jura distillery manager, Willie Cochrane, said: “Superstition encapsulates the island’s mystical properties and the superstitious nature of the islanders. One particular Diurach is believed to have lived to see over a hundred Christmases on the island, so I for one like to believe Jura Superstition does bring good fortune.”

“Superstition’s lightly peated taste with hints of smoke and spice is perfect to warm up even the coldest winter’s night. Its honey and spice flavours also perfectly complement a range of Christmas dishes, working especially well with cheeses. Or for those having an alternative to turkey, it works well with meats with added tang such as gammon steak, salted pork or game.”

Jura Superstition is available to purchase online at www.isleofjura.com/shop for £36.99. A great Christmas gift or a brilliant festive tipple!

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