This Week On The City


This week, The City got bitchy, and surprisingly, with little input from Olivia. Jay is clearly over his beef with being Whitney’s boyfriend (for now) as the episode begins with them cosying up with BFF couple, Adam and Allie, for a double date. Whitney may be sporting a relaxed tartan shirt, but she looks anything but as Allie patronises her for missing home…Poor Whitney, we don’t blame you for missing listening to LC lament about who has wronged her this week in the warm LA sun. Perhaps Whits should spend more time with Olivia who has surely got a whole hit-list of troublesome ladies to talk about that could give Heidi a run for her money.

Before long, rumours are rife that Adam has cheated on model girlfriend Allie so Whitney and Co descend on a selection of New York’s finest coffee drinking establishments to gab about the whole affair. Is it true? What will Allie do? Does she already know because MTV posted her the script in advance?

The girls continue the casual theme for these pursuits with a rather impressive commitment to slouchy jumpers and knitted hats, including a rather dashing woollen headband, featuring an oversized woollen flower on Whitney. The ice maiden looks protruding from Allie’s pointy face, freezing the warm gal-pal atmosphere when she hears of Adam’s exploits at least go a little way towards explaining their excess use of cosy headwear this week.

In case you require insulation from a girlfriend’s frosty looks in the coming weeks, you could do a lot worse than placing one of these bad-boys atop your bonce:

The more fashion forward amongst us might be interested in this rather nice fluffy mohair turban hat, £15 from Topshop . Wear alone, or accessorised with a cool vintage brooch.


Steal Whitney’s floral look in Parisian style with this flower adorned beret by Helene Berman.  The beret is available in both red and purple for £35 at Urban Outfitters. If like Whitney, you can’t quite commit to a hat, keep your ears nice and toasty with this grey cable-knit head-warmer, £16 from Urban Ourfitters .

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