Top 5 Style Icons To Watch for 2009

With January being just a distant memory and February in full swing, it is now time to look at who will be the hot new style icons for 2009. Each and every one of them is truly unique and although you may not know who some of them are, we can guarantee that these 5 ladies are defiantly the ones to watch! Not only do they have amazing styles, they are talented! So, let us look at who is in style this year….

5  Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz, daughter of Lenny, is every bit the rock chick super star. Every glossy fashion magazine has been buzzing about Zoe. Talent clearly runs through her veins as she is hot new property in film. She is boho with a rock chick vibe. Her style is laid back glam and she has obviously learnt a lot from her father’s own style. She is defiantly an individual and stands out from any crowd. Zoe takes and uses a trend and gives it her own twist which is so nice to see, she doesn’t follow fashion; she makes fashion work for her! That is why she is in the top 5.

4 VV Brown

24 year old multi-talented songstress VV Brown is defiantly one to watch this year. Touring with the Ting Tings and being interview by the big name glossies, VV is proving to know a thing or two about style. Her cute, 1950’s retro look is eye catching and inspiring. VV is one that stands out from the crowd, particularly at red carpet events. Everybody wants to know a bit more about her. VV is a huge lover of designer Ashish and adores anything that sparkles, don’t we all? This style icon is on her way to becoming a big name in fashion as she is preparing to launch her own online vintage inspired store.

3 Lady GaGa

Well if you don’t know who this Lady is, you must be a bit GaGa. Her number one hit Just Dance, made us all take note of this American beauty, and not just for her vocal talent. She has described herself as Donatella Versace in 3009. Wow, clearly light years ahead of fashion. Her love of PVC, shoulder pads, bodies and towering shoes has most of us divided. Like Marmite, you either love her or hate her style. She is number 3 in this top 5 because she is daring, different, refreshing and clearly loves to make a statement! Although not many of us would brave such outfits on a night out, nobody can deny that Lady GaGa has on trend, even if she wears it in a radical way. Expect more great tunes in09 and a possible GaGa clothing line!

2 Freida Pinto

She has class, elegance, sophistication and grace; four simple words to describe an amazing new icon in fashion. Freida Pinto is breaking through this year in film and fashion. This BAFTA nominated actress is defiantly winning on the red carpet in gowns by Oscar De La Renta and Zac Posen, she knows how to dress. At 24 years old she has modelled for various ad campaigns in India and now after the success of Slumdog Millionaire expect to see more of Pinto on the silver screen.  She is clearly a new Hollywood starlet and defiantly one to watch.

bixby party 180908
1 Coco Sumners

And now to our number one style icon for 2009.

She is the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler, a multi-talented actress, model and singer/songwriter, and now a new style icon. So, what makes Coco Sumners stand out from the rest? Her musical background clearly influences her style. It’s an uber cool, indie look and yet still screams attitude and personality. With friends like Pete Doherty and having modelled for Burberry, Coco knows her grunge from her glam. One of her key staple items is casual, customised tees. She is known for layering which is so effortless it only adds to the ongoing fascination that all trend watchers have of her. It is Coco’s ease that sets her apart from other style icons. Coco is a girl that knows her look, she knows what makes her comfortable and that gives her that edgy confidence. She is boho grunge with a ska vibe. She is the epitome of 09 cool. This year Coco is launching herself into the public eye with her band, I Blame Coco. So expect to see more of her on red carpets and at social events. Her model looks, talent, charm and natural style is so alluring that we want to know more about this It girl. Magazines like Grazia having been raving about her and 2009 is most defiantly the year for Coco. When her mother is Trudie Styler, how can Coco not have, ahem… true style!

So, there you have it, 5 gorgeous women with talent and style on their side. 2009 has only just begun and it seems that it will be a big year for them. Although you might not fancy walking around in some of these styles, it is fair to say that their style is one of a kind.

Words: Linh Ly

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