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Turkey Twizzlers are coming back in 2019?

Bring them back and get them in my belly now!

If you were at school in the 90’s and early 00’s you’ll know that the best days were tucking into a plate of Turkey Twizzlers, Smiles and beans – ideally followed by chocolate sponge with chocolate custard – Yum Yum!

They were banned from school meals and then Bernard Matthews stopped making Turkey Twizzlers (they do still make turkey dinosaurs though, thankfully).

Do you want Turkey Twizzlers back?

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Turkey Twizzlers

Late 2018, 15,000 people signed a petition and sent it to Bernard Matthews begging them to consider re-introducing the nations favourite turkey snack. The petition is now in the hands of Mr Matthews so we wait patiently for an update…

Reasons for signing include ‘I miss these beauties in my life they were a taste sensation!!’ and ‘Jamie Oliver is a bellend who ruined my childhood.

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  1. My 25 year old daughter be jumping for joy . She loved these .. want bring back all the old Classics food . The kids love them

  2. Please bring them back they’re amazing can’t believe that Jamie Oliver got rid of them in the 1st place when their is lots of other things out there that are bad for you being them back

  3. I loved these when I was a child. At the end of the day it’s up to the parents what they feed their children not a celebrity, if he doesn’t want to feed his children on them that’s his choice.

  4. Our generation will buy so many then get all our kids into them they would never go out of business it just makes sense that they bring them back on the vote of the people that want them and not on the say so of one man who isn’t actually that healthy himself.

  5. I will pitch a tent outside anywhere that’s selling these .. omg 😮 dreamy. .. child hood memories .. you would make millions.. do what the public wants 🙏🙏

  6. Totally 100% agree JO is a Total TWAT, Loved Turkey Twizzlers & cannot wait to introduce them to my children, We all don’t have a couple hundred million in the bank & NO MICHELIN ******* But thinks he can tell the U.K. how to eat

  7. Loved Bernard Mathew Turkey Sausages as well….but they’re not made any more either…😢…Why take something away that most of us like?

  8. I love them bring them back everyone will be buying them again will make loads .money bringing them back

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