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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

A new home, a new life, a new boyfriend. Sounds quite ordinary when you put it like that, but in reality Bella Swan finds herself in a world beyond her control, a web of lies being spun to those she loves most and danger lurking around every corner – Meet The Cullen′s, the stars of the Twilight Saga.

Bella is your average 17 year old girl, she is a child of divorce and is about to start a new life in the dull town of Forks with her Dad, who is the Chief Constable there.

Bella is captivated by a beautiful family the rest of her new school mates avoid like the plague, made up of Dr Carlisle a beautiful doctor; his wife Esme and their five adoptive children; Emmitt, who is built like a bear; Rosalie, who is stunning and fiery; Alice, who moves with such grace it’s a surprise she even touches the ground; Jasper, who constantly looks like he’s in pain; but it’s the youngest of the family Bella is truly drawn to, however after Edward Cullen saves her life she starts to notice things, his abnormal strength, the way his skin is like ice and the way he always turns up whenever she is in danger.

As the pair begin to break rules left, right and centre, it isn’t only Bella’s school friends that are shocked by the relationship, it gets the attention of some other vampires – ones that aren’t as friendly as the Cullen’s. Edward warns her that getting too close could cause her danger, but is it too late to turn back?

The book is narrated by Bella, giving it a very personal and in-depth emotional experience; between her intelegance, her fathers discomfort and Edwards’s breathtaking behaviour, this book has the perfect balance of drama and comedy, mixing laugh out moments with heart-stopping scenes.

It creates relationships on a level that gives an emotional connection linking every reader and the characters in the novel, but more importantly a world of Vampires is brought to life in a believable, excitable and unfathomable way.

Through the use of short, snappy sentences Meyer produces a very intense and seductive read, causing every reader to fall in love with Edward Cullen and enhance the reader’s imagery, even before it was a motion picture I had the book playing in my head daily.

There’s a reason this series has been hailed as the new “Harry Potter” and compared to “Romeo and Juliet”, it is fast-fasted, powerful and unforgettable.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon is the second instalment in the Twilight series, the book opens with Bella’s birthday, which she is so desperately trying to ignore as she is finally a year older than her immortal 17 year old boyfriend, Edward Cullen.

At her party hosted by the Cullen’s Bella gets a paper-cut, in front of seven thirsty vampires and her life unravels from every angle possible when Edward and his family decided to leave forks forever.

Bella is left an empty shell, her soul gone with Edward, which is ironic as it was the thing he was desperate to avoid; the world passes Bella by for months as she seeps deeper into depression, as she wakes up screaming every night through the nightmares and as she urgently shuns anything that could remind her of her true love.

Then the hallucinations start; Bella starts to hear Edward’s velvet, purring voice loud and clear in her head; deciding it’s adrenalin and fear that encourages this she purchases the most reckless thing possible in the safe town of forks; a motorbike.

Along comes Jacob Black to rebuild the bike and teach her how to use it and suddenly Bella starts to live again, but it’s not just the hallucinations, it’s Jacob too, with his cheery nature, his warm body, the way he accepts her just as she is – damaged goods… He’s willing to wait for her too and although she can feel herself falling in love with him, the love is nothing compared to what she felt for Edward.

Everything is not what it seems, however, when Jacob disappears for a few weeks and when he returns he is different; something is wrong and Bella needs to work it out, her sanity depends on it – without Jacob the nightmares are back as well as Victoria, a hideous vampire out for revenge after Edward killed her mate. Can she work out the change in Jacob? What’s his secret? And can she give herself to Jacob and admit Edward is never coming back?! Find out in the second instalment of the Twilight Saga.

Like Twilight, the tension created in the short, snappy and detailed book is intense, however, the first time I read this book I spent the whole time just waiting for Edward to come back. After his protagonist role in the first novel, it is hard to relate to Bella falling in love with another character and I found it frustrating and bizarre, it didn’t feel like it was in anyway linked to the first novel and I believe many fans found this.

It is a low point in the series but it opens up a new world for myth fans to feast their teeth into, and of course, creates the Team Edward vs Team Jacob debate, which is so crucial to the rest of the series.

Upon the second time of reading the novel, having related with the characters on a more advance level, I found this was my favourite instalment as it was the building block for the rest of the saga and an extremely important piece.

The book is not as fast-paced as the first and it is a much harder novel to connect with, Bella is in a very lonely, depressive and bad place mentally throughout this whole novel and once you get past the fact that there is no Edward Cullen for the majority of the piece it is very well written and a deeply emotional and tear-jerking read.

Reviews and Information by Writer & Twilight Fan Anna Louise

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